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What Meghan Markle THOUGHT Royalty Would Be Like Versus What It’s Actually Like

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Meghan Markle thought royalty would give her the love and admiration she always craved. However, she failed to realise that royals work. Yet, she complained that she wasn’t being paid to work.

Being a royal doesn’t mean sitting around eating chocolates and ordering people around and using footmen as foot stools.

No, being a royal means being able to make small chat and not making everything about you, but rather about the charities you support.

All Meghan Markle thought being royal meant was people curtsying to her, calling her “your royal highness” and doing what she wanted while she sat around and did nothing.

If she had bothered to put in the work, she would be attending gala events, wearing tiaras and would probably be wearing sashes.

To be royal means the stars come to you, not the other way around. Also, they don’t make a habit of lying and scheming and crying victimhood to get ahead.

Meghan Markle Thought Royalty Would Propel Her Hollywood Dreams

Sure, in the beginning, people were sympathetic. However, when someone starts telling people they’re victims of x, y, and z and continues to harp on about it, it becomes apparent that they are lying. Royalty is not for the faint-hearted. That is why Prince William wanted to be absolutely certain she could handle it before he proposed to Catherine.

For Meghan Markle, all she wanted was the ring on her finger and the fancy title, and she would go back to Hollywood victorious. However, her victory was short-lived. She got two major brand deals and didn’t think she would have to work to get the money.

In other words, she believed she was on the same level as Grace Kelly. However, there is a difference between Meghan and Grace.

Grace Kelly became the Princess Consort of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier in 1956. She had to give up her acting career at just 26 to marry Rainier. Princess Grace was at the height of her career as she had won an Academy Award for Country Girl. Meghan never had the same level of success.

Meghan Markle was a nobody in Hollywood. She declined the offer while at Northwestern University to undergo theatre training to improve her skills as a performer. She was in one-off roles where she was usually flirting with some guy on screen. Also, her only well-known role was in Suits, which wasn’t watched by that many people.

Also, Meghan has zero shame. She used the death of The Queen, you know, the woman she said she admired, to throw a tantrum over not being invited to Balmoral to hold vigil over her body.

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