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Times Meghan Markle Was Offended

Meghan Markle Offended

Is it just us, or does Meghan Markle get offended by everything? A so-called feminist, she doesn’t like to hear the word “no”, yet she thinks it is okay to say the same word to other people. Despite the hypocrisy that spews from her fire-breathing gob of lies, let’s explore all the times she has been offended. If this post does well, there will be a part two.

WARNING! This post will contain sarcasm.

That One Time Meghan Markle Got Offended Over A Tiara

Imagine being a fly on the wall inside the royal vault containing over a hundred years’ worth of British royal history with dozens of tiaras just waiting to be worn.

Now imagine being Meghan Markle when told she cannot wear the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara because it is reserved for Princess Eugenie. She cries to her fiancé, Prince Harry, who utters the now infamous phrase, “WHAT MEGHAN WANTS, MEGHAN GETS!”

In revenge, Meghan reveals her pregnancy with her (alleged) firstborn at the wearer of the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara’s wedding. Markle, being the petty biatch that she is, demanded the same wedding venue and to be married before her. Nevermind that her husband-to-be had happened to be before his cousin in the line of succession.

When Your Prince Of A Husband Will NEVER Be King

It must be a full-time job for Meghan Markle to be offended by everything. So, imagine her shock when she realised it was unlikely that her husband would likely never be king. Why? Because he has an older brother, two nephews and a niece who sit before him in the line of succession.

So what does she do? She attempts to flirt with her husband’s brother, the future king, but he pays her no attention. What else does she do? She then bad-mouths the future monarch’s wife and daughter and takes his eldest son’s security name of Archie for her (alleged) firstborn.

As additional revenge, she tells her unreasonable husband about how she wants to end her own life and that of their child and how she feels unprotected. She says she won’t kill herself because she doesn’t want him to suffer another tragedy in his life, using the death of his beloved mother as a crutch.

That Time Meghan Markle Got Offended Because Her Son Wasn’t A Prince At Birth

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In the UK, who gets titles at birth is very different from countries like Sweden. So, when Meghan Markle decided to get offended on Oprah by saying Archie wouldn’t get a title at birth because he was a mixed raced grandchild despite mentioning the George V convention, claiming it was changed for Archie not to get a title.

She appears to forget – or doesn’t give a damn – that Archie, at the time of his birth was a great-grandchild of The Queen and that most of the monarch’s other great-grandchildren didn’t have titles. Savannah and Isla Phillips don’t have titles and neither do Mia and Lena Tindall. The only great-grandchildren who were given titles were Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte. Why? Their father was the son of the Prince of Wales (now The King).

Also, she doesn’t seem to remember that she and Harry put out a statement saying they didn’t want their son to have a title.

Every Time Catherine, The Princess Of Wales, Is In The News Or Just Breathes Air

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Imagine being so overcome with jealousy for your sister-in-law that you accuse her of making you cry and then finding offence when she defends herself after being told she has “baby brain” just weeks after having a baby when you barely know her.

Also, you get offended when you and your mouthpiece get called out for calling the woman you hate so much a racist when she probably made an innocent comment about her future nephew.

Let’s not forget when the Princess of Wales wore that incredible gold dress to the James Bond premiere, and then Meghan Markle allegedly got offended by Harry’s “Oh wow!” comment. So, in retaliation, she wears the ugliest red dress to a military gala event.

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