Why Harry Does NOT Deserve To Wear His Military Uniform To His Grandmother’s Funeral


Prince Harry has proceeded to slam his family and now believes he is entitled to wear his military uniform. This is the same argument from when his grandfather, Prince Philip, died 17 months ago. In the end, The Queen had to step in and tell the rest of the family they couldn’t wear any military uniform. We’re sorry, but he does not deserve to wear any regalia. Neither does Prince Andrew, but at least Randy Andy didn’t throw his family under the metaphorical bus.

Just because he is now the son of the King doesn’t mean he gets to dictate what he wants to wear to honour his grandmother, The Queen. He made his bed when he agreed to move to America; now, he has to live with that decision. We have zero sympathies for his plight. However, while many people say he should be allowed to wear it, including Camilla Tominey, as per the Daily Express, we don’t think he should.

Harry claims to have adored his grandmother. If he did, why did he proceed to trash his father, brother and sister-in-law and allow his niece to be bullied? He did not think of the larger picture when Her Majesty passed.

The King will cut him off, and with William now in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall, Harry can kiss any more money goodbye. The new Prince of Wales knows how to stick to his brother. Cutting off Harry will be a bitter blow to the Duke of Sussex but deserved, and William knows this.

Harry Knows Nothing Of Service, Meanwhile Andrew Does

Harry can prattle on about service and how his grandmother was his “commander-in-chief” until the cows come home, but he was in the military for a decade. He barely saw the front lines and was dubbed “Bunker Harry” behind his back. We’ve discussed this before when we spoke about Harry’s time at Sandhurst. This is the same bloke who compared war to a video game.

There has been speculation about why Harry left the military after a decade. It has been suggested that because he didn’t have a tertiary education as William did, he couldn’t advance higher than “Captain.”

Now, this brings us to Andrew. Unlike Harry, the Duke of York had been in the Navy for 22 years. Despite what people might think of Andrew, he understands service. His nephew does not. What bought the Duke of York down was his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and associates like Ghislaine Maxwell and Harvey Weinstein. His ex-wife, Fergie’s scandals, don’t exactly help his reputation either.

Also, at least Andrew had the spine to attend Prince Philip’s memorial service earlier in the year. But then, there’s the rumour that The Queen believed Harry shouldn’t have his honourary military titles. Not to mention, there is the whole “service is universal” slight from the Montecito dwellers.

Andrew And Harry’s Service Time Isn’t Comparable

We have no love for Prince Andrew. While he hasn’t been found guilty of a crime, he’s guilty by association. However, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Instead, we want to talk about how the Duke of York’s time in the Navy is more service than Harry’s decade in the military.

Andrew deserves to be in uniform more than Harry does. Twenty-two years is more than a decade. He likely didn’t have protection officers around him to see him kill onscreen adversaries. Also, Randy Andy achieved the rank of Vice Admiral and served during the Falklands War. Harry was present for the later part of the War in Afghanistan. However, as we mentioned earlier, he never saw much of the frontlines and compared warfare to video games.

We don’t think he’s ever seen a dead body, as he was shielded from the conflict. Let’s not forget that he was racist towards fellow servicemen. Imagine Archie looking up this stuff when he’s older. What’s he going to think of his father’s disgusting behaviour? Finally, we can see an excuse being used to turn him and little Lili against their paternal family. He also quit his family and it’s the law.

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