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Was Padmé Ever A Princess?

Princess, Padmé

Padmé Amidala was Queen of Naboo. This was never a secret to Star Wars fans. If anything, it has confused people due to her daughter, Leia, being a Princess of Alderaan and not Naboo. It also makes newbies to the franchise question why her son, Luke, wasn’t a prince. That’s what we’re going to explore here. We’ve spoken about her daughter, Leia, and how Naboo’s monarchy works, which you can find in the internal links below.

So, was Padmé Amidala ever a princess? In Legends, before she ascended the throne of Naboo as its Queen, she was the Princess of Theed. But, as we’ve mentioned, Naboo did not have a constitutional monarchy. Instead, it had an elective one where monarchs were elected and not chosen due to blood.

There is not a ton of information on the Princess of Theed position. The above link to the Wookieepedia page only has two lines of text and two bullet points of Queens who filled the role before they ruled as monarchs. Padmé was one, and the other was Apailana, who served as one of her successors.

There Is Little On The Princess Of Theed Role

The little information says that the position was like that of a mayor. However, the position appeared in the now-Legends novelisation of The Phantom Menace. It was also included in the book’s audio version and the short comic “A Summer’s Dream.”

Not all Naboo monarchs served this role. What’s fascinating is that it wasn’t included in canon as we don’t know that much about Padmé’s time before she became Queen of Naboo. However, we learn about her election thanks to E.K. Johnson’s Padmé book trilogy. However, this was never brought up to our knowledge.

Finally, the book trilogy explains what happened to Padmé’s handmaidens.

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