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Do Shut Up, Omid! You Are NOT A Royal Reporter, And Keep The Wales Children Out Of Your Mouth! – OPINION

Omid, Wales children

Meghan Markle’s mouthpiece, Omid Scobie, is a nasty piece of work. He has bullied the Wales children by claiming that the kids were the reason their parents were “late” to last weekend’s coronation. He is not a royal reporter because he isn’t invited to significant royal events. I’ve spoken more than I should about this guy, but he, like his mistress, needs clout to thrive.

Now, I watched the coronation last weekend. I can tell you that the kids DID NOT make William and Catherine late. Also, when Omid says that Wales children were the reason, he refers to George.

This is what I saw. Charles and Camilla were early to Westminister Abbey. George did not go to the church with his parents. He went with the other page boys. Meanwhile, only Charlotte and Louis were with William and Catherine.

Wales children
[Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia]

The photo you see is from when William and Catherine arrived, and as you see, there is no George. According to a Yahoo article by Margaret Darby, he came with his grandparents. He was a page of honour for his grandfather. So, Omid is either ill-informed or going off intel from his mistress. He told a British talk show that he had a “royal source” say to him about the Wales children.

Hmm. Who Was Omid’s “Royal Source”?

This could have been anyone, including a duchess who wasn’t even there. Or better yet, a certain prince who sat behind Princess Anne’s hat and had his face blocked like the candle incident at the Queen’s funeral.

Anyway, no one takes Omid seriously as a journalist. A ton of people have said it, including actual royal reporters. This is also the same guy who claimed under oath that the Sussexes played no role in the writing of Finding Freedom, only for emails to come out in court revealing they did have something to do with it.

Don’t Bully Children, Omid! It’s Simple!

Omid has no contact with Buckingham Palace. If he did, he would be on engagements with the other royals. Instead, he blows air up Meghan’s behind and makes her look like the saint she isn’t.

The Sussex Squad, who are always screaming, “Don’t bully children!” need to have their heads examined. They believe people like Omid who is doing what they don’t want you to do, yet they do it themselves. Look at what happened with the Prince George’s Christmas card.

In conclusion, Omid must be put in the Sussex derangers pile with Tessa Dunlop and Shouty Shola.

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