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Lidia Thorpe Is The Australian Version Of Meghan Markle – OPINION

Lidia, Meghan,

Anyone with a brain knows how bland politics are. There are constant screaming matches between all the parties involved, and there are controversial figures. For example, in Victoria, Australia, they have to contend with Lidia Thorpe, an independent Aboriginal senator who holds an anti-white sentiment. Hmm, it sounds like Meghan Markle to a degree, doesn’t it?

Lidia has been controversial, but her actions keep getting her into deep water. She has recently quit as the deputy leader of the Greens, a position she had only had for a few months. The senator had laid before a Mardi Gras float and threatened white men outside a strip club. She became known as the woman who saluted black power and refused to swear allegiance to the Queen, calling the then-monarch a ‘coloniser.’

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Then, we have Meghan Markle. I always talk about Meghan, so I won’t go over it as there is so much stuff. For a large portion of her life, she never identified as a black person. Her Caucasian father raised her while her black mother was missing in action for a decade.

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Meghan has only started to use her black heritage in the last few years to keep Prince Harry and the press under her thumb. Like Senator Thorpe, Markle knows that people will yell from the rooftops and call for change. However, the more she does it, the more people tune out, tired of her constant victimhood.

Abandoning One’s Black Roots

Lidia, meanwhile, has forgotten that she herself is half-white. Her father is Caucasian like Meghan’s dad is. Roy Illingworth is estranged from his daughter, who carries her mother’s surname, but they still have the occasional conversation. He told Sky News Australia that Thorpe is a “very racist person.” She has since screamed that her dad “threw her under the bus.”

Meghan has forgotten that she, too, is half-white. Then we have her husband, who is full-on white, so their children, Archie and Lilibet, are more white than they are black, though they have black heritage. She can scream that her daughter is essentially the black Diana all she likes with the “blue, blue eyes.” That child is more white then Meghan is, and that’s not racism. If you compare their skin tones, it’s quite evident.

Moving onto Lidia Thorpe and she hates white people. She has made that quite plain. In mid-April, she was caught up in controversy when she was caught on camera swearing and yelling at a bunch of Caucasian men outside a strip club in Melbourne. A friend of the senator is seen in the video trying to pull her out of the confrontation. I assume Lidia started it. However, she told 7News that the men started it.

The Video

The video reveals that one of the men is heard calling her profanities too. Whether or not this is the entire story is unclear, as we only have Lidia’s side.

Lidia’s horrible behaviour outside the strip club is just one of many things she has done. This was also not long after the Mardi Gras situation. So, how does this relate to Meghan strictly?

Okay, there are a few things I do need to stress here. There are different situations, but the context is the same. Lidia and Meghan don’t like white people, despite being half-white themselves. They identify with their mother’s ethnicities and use it as their victimhood and take all their slights out of the people around them.

When In Doubt, Blame The White Relatives

Meghan took everything out on her white family and of course, her white in-laws when they ere nothing by accommodating to her. They fasttracked her into the family while her sister-in-law, Catherine, had wait until she had married William to do things Markle did as a fiancée.

Moreover, Markle complains about unfair treatment from her in-laws because she was “black” but she had it way better than Catherine ever did. She believes that everything she does has is frowned upon. It’s not. One courtier said that she was looking to be the victim and would antagonise people to get the desired affect. Meghan would then cry to Harry that she was being bullied, knowing full well he would defend her.

Also, she believed that she wouldn’t get called out because of her ethnicity being a factor and that she was protected due to her new royal status. Sorry, but it does not work that way. Royals are just normal people with titles. Also, she forgets that her husband is fifth in line to the throne, not the heir.

Not All People Think Alike, Lidia

Finally, Lidia Thorpe is someone I would not want to cross in a dark ally. She, much like Meghan Markle, is a disgrace to biracial people. She thinks because she is a politician, she is free to do whatever she wants. Also, she gives Aboriginal people who do not think the same as her a bad name. In fact, fellow Aboriginal senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, slammed Thorpe for her black power salute.

Senator Price even took a dig at her by saying, not taking the oath to swear allegiance to the Queen meant that Thorpe wasn’t for the task of being a politician and was immature. That is what I call a true blue comment of how a senator should act. Jacinta did the right thing in calling Lidia out for her actions. Not all Aboriginals think the same way. Yes, there will be some that thing that way, but voicing it on a public stage is not on.

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