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Lies Meghan Told Before She Was A Royal


Meghan’s pre royal fibs are about to come out of the woodwork…

Everyone is prone to fibs. We’re only human but what happens when your lies begin catching up to you? Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in May 2018 before welcoming their son, Archie a year later. Furthermore, it’s no secret that the Duchess of Sussex has told porkie pies in her time as a royal, but what about before she retired from acting?

There are many times throughout her acting career where Meghan has told fibs. We’re going to be doing a lot of debunking.

Moreover, let’s jump into some of the fibs Meghan told before she married Harry.

She Took All The Photos On The Tig Herself

In 2014, Meghan started her lifestyle brand, The Tig. She was very successful at it as she made over $80,000 a year from it. Prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, she shut the site down. However, you can still access parts of it through the Wayback machine.

We stumbled across an interview that was divided up into two parts (for upload reasons) on Twitter. In the second part, she discusses taking the photos on The Tig herself. Now, we want to point out that this talk took place three weeks after the site launched. The only screenshot of the four posted below to be relevant to the argument we’re making is the About page. The other three are examples happen long after the interview.

Given she credited people in certain posts, she didn’t do ALL the photography herself. Also, a lot of the posts with credits to people, the text at the bottom of the page is so tiny you scroll past it.

Meghan Took On Gamble and Proctor On Her Own As A Preteen

Meghan claimed in her UN Women’s speech in 2015 (as per YouTube) that she had taken on Gamble and Procter, an American multinational corporation as a child/teenager after they aired a sexist ad on television about how women hate having to clean. According to her, she single-handedly got the company to change ‘women’ to ‘people’ in the ad after she wrote them a letter.

However, the letter-writing to Gamble and Procter was an exercise at school. Also, the company would’ve gotten thousands of complaints. Therefore, there is no way a huge corporation would’ve acted solely on the demands of a teenager. We know that Meghan is lying about what she says in her UN Women’s speech because, in the video below, she is seen sitting in a class of students.

[Credit: Inside Edition – YouTube]

The Lie About The Actor’s Guild

Now, of all the fibs Meghan has told, one of the only ones she has actually owned up to was telling casting directors that she was in an actor’s guild when she actually wasn’t. This occurred, according to The Daily Mail, during the early part of her acting career. The interview she had done was alongside her Suits castmates where she openly admitted to being a ‘fraud’ when she auditioned for a small part in a show called Century City. She then cracked up at how ‘stupid’ she’d been.


The final lie we want to cover was what was said by Beauty Crew. It has been debated for a while as to whether Meghan was a vegan or not. Now, a lot of the rumours came out after the engagement interview in 2017 when it was claimed Harry proposed during a roast chicken dinner. Though, people have come up with the thought process that they were hinting at the sex position rather than an actual food product.

However, there’s a rumour that Meghan threw a fit in front of The Queen about being apparently able to taste egg in a dish. For anyone reading this a little confused about what a vegan is, let us explain.

In conclusion, a vegan is someone who consumes plant-based products. They don’t eat or wear anything made from animals. Now, the linked Beauty Crew article claims that Meghan is not totally vegan.

Moreover, We know Meghan has consumed animal products before because of these recipes on The Tig:

So… this begs the question. If the rumour about the tantrum is true, then how can Meghan claim to be vegan if she had recipes that used animal products? According to, the Duchess of Cambridge made VEGAN meals for her sister-in-law. So, which is Markle? An actual vegan or a fake one?

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