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Who Is Silena Beauregard In Percy Jackson?

Silena Beauregard, Percy Jackson

Aphrodite might be the goddess of love and beauty, but she gave birth to a good-looking bunch of demigod children. The one we’re talking about today is Silena Beauregard. Percy Jackson describes her as being one of the nicer members of the Aphrodite cabin. He also described her as being a bit of a clean freak.

So, who is Silena Beauregard in the Percy Jackson universe? Let’s find out.

Meet Silena Beauregard, Daughter Of Aphrodite

Silena was born to Mr Beauregard and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Eventually, she ended up at Camp Half-Blood and was claimed by the goddess as her daughter. AS she got older, she became the head counsellor for the Aphrodite cabin.

Her weapon of choice is a sword.

Percy Jackson’s Time At Camp Half-Blood

Silena became friendly with Percy Jackson, hence Percy’s comment about her being one of the nicer of Aphrodite’s children and how she was very pretty. She helped him learn to ride pegasus.

She developed a crush on Luke Castellan, the rogue son of Hermes who wanted to bring back Kronos. Before he departed from Camp Half-Blood, he used her crush on him against her and convinced her to be a spy for him, otherwise, he would hurt her boyfriend, Charles Beckendorf.

Silena also told Luke about the existence of Tyson, Percy’s Cyclops’ half-brother. When she had realised what she had done, she hated herself for betraying her friends to Castellan, so she attempted to make it right by leading a group from Camp Half-Blood into the city, which is where she met her end.

Silena And Beckendorf

After her crush on Luke had subsided, Silena started dating Charles Beckendorf, a son of Hephaestus, who happened to have been married to her mother at some point.

However, unlike Aphrodite and Hephaestus, Silena and Beckendorf or Charlie as she called him, did actually love each other.

When Silena was killed during the Battle of Manhattan, the last thing she said was “Charlie” meaning she would reunite with him in Elysium, the place in the Underworld where heroes go after they die.

Other Campers

Silena had a good rapport with many of her fellow demigods outside of her siblings. She was friendly with Percy, and after Beckendorf had died on a mission against Luke’s forces, he had to return to camp to tell her that Charlie wasn’t coming home. Percy felt terrible as he looked to Chiron for help. Percy was with Silena when she died and didn’t blame her for being Luke’s spy.

Another one of Silena’s friends was, surprisingly, Clarisse La Rue, a daughter of Ares. This friendship was quite interesting because Ares and Aphrodite were a couple and had children together. Silena often gave Clarisse advice on how to deal with boys.

In the book The Demigod Files, it is revealed that Silena is good friends with Annabeth Chase, too. They plot to get Charlie to ask Silena to the fireworks on July 4th.

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