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5 Meghan Markle Rumours Rightfully Omitted From Tom Bower’s Book Revenge

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You win some, you lose some. I’m not too far into Revenge as I’ve been busy, but from what I have read, it is clear that many rumours about Meghan Markle were omitted for a reason. Now, anyone who knows Tom Bower’s work knows that he doesn’t write about things he cannot back up. That’s what I wanted to cover in this article. I’ll be going over five of the ones I am aware of, regardless of whether I’m up to that part in the book.

I’ve marked this article as having spoilers. So without further complications, let’s dive in.

1. Surrogacy And Fake Children

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I’m making this first one as a single point as it’s part of the same narrative. There have been rumours for years that Meghan was never pregnant and had employed a surrogate to carry Archie and Lilibet. However, this was not included in the book as it could not be verified.

There is also no indication that Meghan couldn’t have children. It is mentioned early in the book that she didn’t want children with her first husband, Trevor Engelson, as her “star” was on the rise, and motherhood wasn’t something she wanted at the time. It’s also mentioned a little later that her “biological clock was ticking.” Markle also said that Harry was the ideal father for her future children. We all know why that was; it gave her status as her kids are in the line of succession.

From what I know, nothing is written to imply that Lili and Archie were fake or child actors.

2. The Glue Incident

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This was probably one of the oddest of all the rumours I’ve heard over the years. During her college days at Northwestern, there was speculation that Meghan had glued the eyelids of a sorority pledge shut. This was not included in the book because it could not be proven.

It has also been rumoured that Thomas Markle made a ton of money to get the records sealed. But, again, it’s not true. PDina spoke to Thomas before he had his stroke, and he told her that it was the first time he’d heard of it when she asked about it.

3. That Meghan Had A Fling With A Suits Co-Star

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This next one is subject to reading between the lines rather than omitted straight out. The book implies that Meghan was “close” to Patrick J Adams, her love interest on Suits. There has been speculation that she had had an affair with a Suits costar. Whether Bower knows something happened is unclear, but the way it’s written in such a way allows the reader to make up their own mind.

4. The Tig Got High Numbers In The First Three Weeks Of Its Existence

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What also wasn’t included in Revenge was the story that Meghan told an interviewer on a news program that The Tig had gotten over 30k views a week/day since its launch. Unfortunately, I cannot find the interview anymore as it was on Twitter and is buried under thousands of tweets.

The story she told was about three weeks after the website launched, and she was doing press for it while also promoting Suits. Also, I want to point out that it would be close to impossible to check the views on the site even after it has

5. That Tyler Perry Kicked The Sussexes Out Of His House

[Credit: Business Insider]

Finally, the last of our five rumours omitted from the book is the speculation that Tyler Perry kicked the Sussexes out of his house. Now, I asked on Twitter if this is mentioned in the book. A big shout-out needs to go to NewTrueBlue, who informed me that Perry is only mentioned a handful of times. The situation was never bought up. Though, he allegedly allowed them to use his private jet to leave Vancouver to go to Lose Angeles.

I asked because I’m not up to the Sussexes being together yet. Also, some time ago, I reached out to a contact who works in the entertainment industry, and she told me that Tyler Perry is one of the most generous people in Hollywood. It doesn’t fit his MO to kick anyone out of his home. So take anything involving the Sussexes and Tyler Perry with a pinch of salt.

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