What Happened To Norm Spellman?

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Jake Sully’s story would not be fun without his best friend, Norm Spellman. Originally an acquaintance of Tom, Jake’s twin brother, Norm is the first person Jake meets on Pandora. However, Norm becomes frosty towards Jake as time passes when he unintentionally gets access to the local Omaticaya clan.

The frostiness disappears soon enough, and the pair return to being friends. Norm even steps in to protect Grace and Jake’s bodies when Quaritch suddenly shows up and disconnects them from their Avatars.

Norm later fights in the conflict alongside Jake, Neytiri and the Na’vi. His Avatar is later shot, forcing his consciousness back into his human body. However, it is unclear whether the Avatar is dead. When the humans involved with the RDA are sent back to Earth, Norm stands with Neytiri and Max, so what happens afterwards?

Norm’s Arc After The RDA Leave Pandora

According to the Avatar Wiki page for the character, Norm serves as a contact for Jake at Hell’s Gate during the comic story, The Next Shadow. The story begins two weeks after the battle with the RDA has ended. He explains that one of the Na’vi who served under Tsu’tey, Neytiri’s former betrothed, has gone to war with Katherine Hale, one of the few RDA operatives allowed to remain on Pandora.

Jake is later poisoned by Tsu’tey’s family, who wants revenge for the warrior’s death. Norm calls for Hale to get Max to create a cure. Norm protects Jake until Max can get the antidote for their friend.

Finally, Norm will also be present in the upcoming three-part comic series; The High Ground set just before The Way of Water. We know Norm is in the film because there is a shot of Neytiri, Jake, their newborn firstborn son Neteyam and Mo’at engaging in a ceremony to induct the baby as the heir. Norm is seen behind Jake. He’s also present in Grace Augustine’s video logs that her daughter, Kiri watches.

[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

It is unclear whether Norm has any more prominent role beyond that. However, given that the character does not have a main character poster, it is likely he’s a minor player this time.

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