Meet The Sully Children + A Recap Of The First Film

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Jake Sully started his journey on Pandora after the murder of his identical twin brother, Tom. He was also a paraplegic after having been injured in combat. As the replacement human driver for his brother’s Avatar, Jake was given the ability to walk again.

After being told by his military superiors to act as a spy amongst the Omaticaya, a clan of local Na’vi, Jake begins questioning his loyalty. Given his involvement in the Avatar Program as his dead brother’s replacement, he develops close bonds with the head of the Avatar Program, Doctor Grace Augustine. He also befriends Norm Spellman, Max Patel and pilot Trudy Chacon. The group become a family of sorts.

Augustine, who has issues with the RDA trying to manhandle everything, relocates the team to the Hallelujah Mountains after Jake almost gets himself killed by Neytiri, the youngest and only surviving daughter of the Omaticaya’s leaders, Eytukan and Mo’at. This leads to tensions between Sully and Spellman, who was hoping to get up close to the Na’vi himself. Also, Grace is welcomed back into the clan due to her connection to Jake.

The Drama Heightens

The tension lifts, and Jake reports his findings to Augustine and the RDA. Over time, Sully and Neytiri fall in love and mate, much to the horror of those around them. Drama strikes when the Tree of Voices is destroyed, and Jake is forced to reveal his role in the RDA’s plans.

Neytiri is understandably devastated and has Jake and Grace exiled from the clan. The RDA then arrest Jake, Grace, and Norm, who are broken out of prison by Trudy and Max. In the escape, Grace is mortally wounded. Jake tames the Toruk (Great Leonopteryx) to regain the Omaticaya’s respect.

Mo’at attempts to transfer a dying Grace’s consciousness into her Avatar but fails due to the scientist’s injuries. Augustine’s death devastates those who knew her, especially Jake and Neytiri, who were close to her at separate times. It also spars the Omaticaya and the humans who aren’t RDA-aligned to fight back.

The Na’vi v. The RDA

Trudy’s helicopter is shot down, and Norm’s Avatar is severally injured. Despite losing Trudy, the fight continues. Colonel Miles Quaritch, Sully’s former superior, goes after Jake’s human body and attempts to kill him, only to be killed by Neytiri.

Neytiri saves Jake’s human body, seeing him in his actual body for the first time. A short time later, Neytiri and Jake are both present when a load of humans are sent back to Earth. Only a handful are allowed to remain, including Norm and Max.

Jake records one last video log on his birthday. Then, he decides to have his consciousness transferred permanently into his Avatar, knowing he no longer has a life on Earth and that his life is with Neytiri and the newfound family the Omaticaya had provided him. The procedure is a success.

A Decade Later

Over a decade passed, and Jake and Neytiri are parents to five children; two adopted and three biological. The family now lead the Omaticaya. So we thought we’d look at who the Sully children are using the little information in the public domain.


Kiri, Sully
Kiri [Credit: SFF Gazette]

The second eldest of the Sully children is Kiri, Jake and Neytiri’s adoptive daughter. Her biological mother is Grace Augustine’s Avatar. How this possible is unclear, though we do have theories. See the link above regarding Kiri’s existence. In a recent Entertainment Weekly article, it is confirmed that Kiri was born from Grace’s brain-dead Avatar.

Kiri is also sensitive to the world around her and finds herself in her element when her family travels to the Metkayina clan.

Having been raised by Jake and Neytiri as their daughter, Kiri is protective over her younger sister, Tuktirey (Tuk) and her older human brother, Miles (Spider). Her father describes her as odd, especially when she tries to befriend an Ikran. However, she also feels she can confide in Jake more than Neytiri.

Neytiri is protective of her daughter and doesn’t want her hanging around Spider, as she dubs the human boy as trouble. On the other hand, Kiri affectionately calls Spider “Monkey Boy” and is very fond of him as she sees him as he is, an oddity in their family.

Kiri has a sisterly bond with Tuk, serving as her babysitter and teacher, a role her biological mother often played for her adoptive father. As a result, she affectionately calls her sister ‘Tuk-Tuk’.

Miles “Spider” Socorro

[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The second adoptive member of the Sully family is Miles “Spider” Socorro, a human boy partially raised by Jake and Neytiri and the scientists that remained behind. Despite being raised as a Na’vi, Spider is not close to his adoptive Na’vi mother. Likewise, Neytiri cannot bond with him. This is due to the role his biological mother, Paz Socorro, played in the assault on the Tree of Souls. It is also no secret who his birth father was.

Spider is close to his adoptive older sister, Kiri, because they share something in common; they’re both orphans. The bond is frowned upon by Neytiri as she is fiercely protective of her eldest child. Kiri affectionately calls him “Monkey Boy.”

Due to the friction between him and Neytiri, Spider calls her and Jake, Mr and Mrs Sully, out of respect despite being their adoptive son.


Neteyam and his mother [Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The firstborn biological child in the Sully family is Neteyam. A future leader in his own right, Neteyam is the first of Jake and Neytiri’s children to appear entirely Na’vi, despite his father having once been human.

Not much information on Neteyam yet makes it difficult to determine his personality.


[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

As the secondborn son of Jake and Neytiri, Lo’ak, likely named after the Toruk Makto amulet, is not like his older brother, Neteyam, in appearance. Instead, he inherited Jake’s physical human traits, meaning he has faint eyebrows and ten fingers and toes. In addition, his nose is more human than that of his older brother and younger sister.

His appearance is what makes Lo’ak somewhat of an outcast amongst his peers. He is also said to share personality traits with his father. He’s reckless and stubborn but is known for his gentleness, all qualities Jake is known to possess. Lo’ak is also self-conscious due to his human features.

When his family is forced to leave their home and travel to the home of the Metkayina clan, he becomes friendly with Tsireya “Reya”, the clan’s princess.

Tuktirey “Tuk”

[Credit: James Cameron’s Avatar Fandom]

The baby of the Sully family, Tuktirey “Tuk”, is Jake and Neytiri’s only biological daughter. Like her oldest brother, Neteyam, Tuk appears as Na’vi with four fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot.

Unlike her older brothers, Tuk is not bound to an Ikran and rides with one of her parents. She is close to her adoptive older sister, Kiri, her babysitter and teacher. Tuk loves snuggling up to her parents and is seen as funny and curious about the wider world. She is also obedient, the polar opposite of Lo’ak, who presents as reckless like their father and is often fearful. However, it is said that she does share personality traits with her father.

Kiri affectionately refers to Tuk as “Tuk-Tuk.”

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