Avatar: The Way Of Water Clip – Neytiri And Jake Argue Over What They Should Do!

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We have our first clip from Avatar: The Way of Water! Playing on Good Morning America (GMA) during an interview with Zoë Saldana, the scene shows Jake and Neytiri arguing over what they should do about keeping their family safe. While it doesn’t give away too much of the main plot, it does tell us that Quaritch is going after the Sullys in retaliation for what happened fifteen years earlier.

[Credit: @avatarsequelsbr – Twitter]

It has been said that across the series, Quaritch will be the main villain throughout. So, let’s go over what the scene tells us. By the way Jake talks, it sounds like Quaritch has kidnapped Spider, his and Neytiri’s adoptive human son. But Spider also knows a ton of information, given his connection to the Na’vi and the humans.

Jake also says that Quaritch might’ve also had the kids cornered. This might even be a metaphor for something. Also, the kids are listening to the conversation from behind what looks like a petition. The child that looks threw the gap might be Tuk, as she’s small enough to see through the gap while the others are too big.

Jake also mentions that if they get out of dodge, it will protect the clan. Neytiri, however, can’t bring herself to leave because of a promise she made to her father before his death. She also brings up that the kids have only ever known the forest.

The gut-wrenching part is when Neytiri picks up her father’s bow and mentions how he gave it to her before he died. Jake’s reaction shows he still feels the guilt of his involvement in what happened to Eytukan.

Jake’s reaction is beautiful because it shows that even after so long, it still weighs on him that he was involved.

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