Was Paz Socorro In Avatar 1?

Avatar 1, Paz

Did Miles “Spider” Socorro’s mother, Paz Socorro, appear in Avatar 1? That is what we’re here to talk about this time around.

To put an end to a straightforward question, the answer to that is no, she wasn’t. Paz doesn’t appear in Avatar 1. The father of her son, Miles Quaritch, was the main antagonist to Jake Sully in Avatar 1. Paz and Miles both die during the final battle in the film, though we only see one of these deaths.

It is possible that Paz was killed by either Neytiri or Tsu’tey, as they were both firing arrows around this time. We know Neytiri killed Quaritch.

Quaritch was well aware of his son’s existence.

Paz’s only appearance comes in the Avatar: The High Ground comic series, which explores Spider’s origins as one of the first humans born on Pandora. He grew up orphaned as both his parents were killed when he was a baby.

The McCosker family took Spider in and raised him before the Sully family and the Hell’s Gate science took over. Spider loved the forest and would spend a ton of time out there, hence why Jake and his family helped to raise him.

Spider knew who his parents were and the role his father, in particular, played in the damage to Pandora. According to the High Ground comic, Spider has a photo of his mother on the ceiling of his room.

Actress Who Plays Paz Socorro

Because Paz doesn’t appear on screen in either Avatar 1 or Avatar 2, no actress plays her.

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