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Was Prince Harry Conned Into Marrying Meghan Markle? – OPINION AND SUSSEX THEORY

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Is the Sussex marriage based on a con? T n T UK did a fascinating psycho-analysis video on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, and it would seem so. Even before this video, it had been widely speculated that the king’s second son was tricked into marrying the former cable television actress if T n T UK is correct in her analysis.

Since my opinion changed after the South Africa tour, I’ve dug into Meghan and Harry’s behaviour towards others. I do not think that Harry ever wanted to work for his family. I’ve also realised that he possibly had a lifelong hatred for Prince William and wanted to escape his shadow. Since Chelsy and Cressida couldn’t deal with his paranoia about the paparazzi, he chose the one woman who couldn’t be more different than Catherine. However, he likely thought Markle was like his sister-in-law but couldn’t accept it when those closest to him disagreed. This wasn’t just his family. It was his friends too. They knew she was a nightmare, and she hated them because she felt they had bigoted views.

Harry Breaches Catherine’s Privacy

We all know about the dispute over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress, which Harry highlights in Spare along with the associated text between Meghan and Catherine, which is a breach of Kate’s privacy, mainly if she didn’t consent to the text messages being published.

Moreover, looking at certain moments during the wedding, you can tell something majorly off. Harry rarely smiled, and when he did, it was forced. If you watched the wedding live on television like I did, you wouldn’t have caught it. I know I didn’t.

Meghan Evil Eyes Princess Charlotte

Also, if you watch the moment the kids pass Meghan at the altar, she smiles at all of them except Princess Charlotte. Sue Smith referred to it a while ago, too. Also, there is a point when Markle goes to slide Harry’s ring onto his finger, and he pulls his hand away twice.

There is one moment when Harry lights up, but his face instantly falls when he sees Meghan not looking at him. This is when the Archbishop mentions children, and the prince smiles. Markle doesn’t even look at him. It is my opinion and that of many others that this is where the con comes in.

Fake Pregnancy Doesn’t Make Sense

Meghan, quite possibly, and this is all alleged, tricked Harry into marriage by claiming she was pregnant. Then, when it became apparent there was no baby, the prince realised she had pulled the biggest con, and he couldn’t escape it. So, to cover up the lie told to everyone, they had to conceive a real child.

Some will say, “We’ve been saying this forever; why are you getting on board now?” I don’t pretend rumours are facts. If there is enough evidence to back up the rumour, I get on board and say, “Yeah, I believe it.” I want my publication to be as transparent as possible. If it’s rumour, theory or opinion, I say so. I don’t intend to pass any information off as fact unless it has been fact-checked.

Also, some will allege that if Meghan were pregnant when she married Harry, that child was Archie. Here’s where that can’t be true. If she were pregnant with Archie during the wedding, she would have been almost 12 months along when he was born in May 2019.

Now, I want to make it clear that I am on the fence with the whole surrogacy thing.

My Opinion On The Pregnancy Theory

I do not believe for a second that Meghan was pregnant during the wedding. However, I think she used it to con Harry into putting a ring on it. There is a rumour that they had broken up when Tom Inskip’s wedding rolled around.

She pulled the alleged “But I’m Pregnant card” during the Inskip wedding. I base my theory on these photos:

Notice here where Meghan’s clinging onto Harry. He looks surprised like he is trying to register what he’s been told. Then you have the second image where he’s standing with his fists clenched. That’s when we get Markle’s pouty face. Look at this; he was trying to keep her at a distance only to have “the pregnancy” bomb dropped on him, so they got back together “for the baby.”

Meghan couldn’t take that he had told her to leave him alone, so she used the one thing she knew he wanted: children. Claiming she was pregnant was the one way she knew he would crawl back to her. If this is true, it worked.

I also believe the palace knew she was not pregnant during the wedding.

The Great Marriage Con

There was a quote from Thomas Markle in Revenge where Harry went off at him over the phone and reportedly said, “You’re putting my children in danger!” This left Mister Markle confused. “What children? You haven’t got children!”

I believe this happened after Meghan allegedly told Harry she was pregnant. Also, the prince isn’t exactly the brightest. He would’ve been told to watch out when it came to dating, as many women would’ve wanted to date him purely for his status, and it appears this is what Meghan did.

She used a fake marriage to get up in the world. Sure, it looked real on the surface, as millions were thrown into a public wedding that she would later call a “spectacle for the world.” She got what she wanted.

Harry is just going along for the ride and staying in the marriage for the kids if they exist.

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