Can’t People Take A Hint And Leave Catherine, The Princess Of Wales Alone?!

We’ve reported on Princess Catherine and her illness for the last few days. However, some fully grown people, like Denise Welch of Loose Women fame, have been demanding that Buckingham Palace report on the Princess of Wales’ health, meaning telling the world why she had abdominal surgery.

This is where we’ve said, “mind your god damn business. It is not your business.” While we are all curious about Princess Catherine’s illness, we know it is not our place to question. She will tell the public if she deems it necessary.

That brings us to what we mentioned in an earlier post involving Meghan. If the former actress were sick, people like Denise would be demanding that she have privacy as she recovers. So, why can’t Catherine be afforded the same courtesy? Oh, right. Because she’s a white woman who doesn’t deserve privacy. Though a black woman (passing as white) as does.

This should never be about race, but somehow, it is bought in as a way to criticise a woman who has done so much yet receives little respect in return when she asks for privacy. To many people, this might seen as hypocritical, but think back to all the times Princess Catherine, long before her illness, tried to help Meghan. She took her flowers, allowed her toddler children to be in the wedding party despite what happened with the alleged bullying and the bridesmaid dress fitting.

There is also the death stare that Meghan gives Catherine behind her back out of sheer jealousy. All the puff pieces claiming Markle wants to recounsel with the Princess of Wales are nonsense. She couldn’t care less about Kate. It’s doubtful that the Princess even thinks twice about her. Why would she? Meghan bullied her and allegedly Charlotte and there is allegedly rumours that Meghan was caught taking photos of Charlotte while she slept. How true that allegation is we’re not sure.

Catherine should have privacy. She is not yet Queen. If she were, she would probably have to be more transparent with her health, like the King. Once upon a time, we would never have gotten an insider’s glimpse at Queen Elizabeth II’s illness. We still don’t know officially what she died of. But thanks to Lady Colin Campbell, it’s believed that Her Majesty passed away from bone cancer. Before her, no one knew her father, King George VI, was sick.

King Charles wants to raise awareness of his illnesses and encourages people to speak up about their diagnoses. His reveal of an enlarged prostate had Google searches go through the roof.

For all those Sussex simps who will complain, “You’re asking people to be kind to Catherine, but you’re not kind to Meghan. You’re a hypocrite!” Here’s the rub. Kate has never lied to the public. She has rarely put a foot wrong since she married William in 2011. All Meghan has done is lie. She fooled Harry into thinking she knew little about him when she literally told her British agent, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, that she had researched him extensively. She said she loved Britain, but now she hates it because “it’s not safe.” Ah huh, says the woman who lives in a country where every person can own a gun.

Catherine is also respectful of her in-laws. She is close to William’s aunt, Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh. Meghan hasn’t got any of that. Why? Because she claims they were racist and cold. Harry also loves the claim that his family or THAT family as he calls them (talk about disrespectful to the reason you exist), didn’t like that she was American.

We could mention so much more, but we won’t as we don’t want to run ourselves in circles.

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