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Why Prince Harry’s Case Against The Daily Mail Will Fail – OPINION

Daily Mail court case, Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s case against the Daily Mail is going ahead. However, he is not the only one suing over illegal practices. Elton John, David Furnish and Baroness Lawrence are also involved. But, here’s the issue that the Duke of Sussex will have. He needs to produce evidence that illegal practices happened.

We know from the Mirror lawsuit that he’s suing “to protect Meghan.” What are the odds he’s doing it for the same reason? It’s incredibly likely. Also, Prince Harry believes that because he is a prince of the United Kingdom, he will win this case due to his connection to the crown. He’s wrong.

Like with the Mirror lawsuit, he doesn’t understand that his feelings and opinions don’t count as evidence. If anything, Prince Harry probably doesn’t know what ‘evidence’ is. Just because you believe something, doesn’t mean its true.

Prince Harry Will Need Evidence In His Daily Mail Case If He Wants To Win

Whenever the Daily Mail case returns to court, it will be interesting to see how Prince Harry can deal with issuing valid evidence. If we’re being honest here, he believes he’d be allowed to enter evidence when he’s not supposed to because he’s royalty. Even though the judge is allowing the case to go forward, it would be surprising if he becomes irritated with the prince’s entitled behaviour.

If Prince Harry cannot produce enough evidence to back up what he is saying, he will lose the Daily Mail case. He has become the world’s largest victim, and it has gotten tiresome. Also, will he reveal that his wife is the one who helped plant affair rumours about his brother? Of course not.

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