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The Royal Name “Henry” Is Cursed – OPINION


The proof is in the name of Henry. The British royal family has had to deal with royals with that name making total fools of themselves. The last monarch to bear the name was married six times and had three surviving children who all succeeded him but did not have offspring to continue the Tudor Dynasty.

You might be wondering what this post has to do with the deceitful duo of Harry and Meghan. Well, Harry is a Henry. There will be sugars going, “No, his birth name is Harry!” Ah, not it’s not. He was born as Henry Charles Albert David. His family always referred to him as Harry. Harry is a nickname he has always used. Ha! Deal with it, Squaddies. Don’t believe us? Here’s his page on the Royal website. It’s on there in black and white. And no. That wasn’t a racist dig towards Megsy Markle.

Anyway, Harry talks a lot about “genetic pain” and how he won’t do the same to his children. Okay, let’s look back at the “horrible” things his family has done to him, shall we?


Harry claims his father never cared about him after his mother, Princess Diana, died. Did he once consider that perhaps Charles was in shock over his ex-wife’s sudden death? We’ve covered this before in a post about what a “terrible father” the King was to Harry after Diana’s demise.

The two pictures above are from the walkabout after Diana’s death was announced and the royals returned to London. Charles is holding 12-year-old Harry’s hand. If that’s not a father caring for his son, we don’t now what is.

Also, he makes out that his whole family doesn’t hug. Ah…

Here are two pictures with Mike Tindall—one with Harry and Zara and —the other with Prince William on the polo field. Then, we have these pictures of Catherine:

Two things. She’s hugging people, first off, and secondly, the people she embraces are people of colour. So, it debunks what Omid Scobie wrote in his book Endgame, which only ended up in the Dutch version about Catherine being one of the two royal racists.

Catherine does not come across as fake. She genuinely loves people and isn’t afraid to allow all people to hug her. Also, if she were racist, would she have had a black woman deliver Princess Charlotte? We don’t think so.

Mental Health Talk

Harry (aka Henry) used to be patron of mental health charities alongside William and Catherine. Yet, he cried to Oprah and to anyone who would listen to his plight that his family doesn’t do therapy. Not to mention, he contradicted himself when he claimed he didn’t know how to get Meghan help for her alleged issues when he had his therapist on speed dial and rang them after he had a blow up with his brother.

As Jen of Real Housewives Recaps likes to say:

Catherine has always been an advocate for mental health after seeing her brother, James Middleton, go through his own issues. William also had his issues too, which he shared with Harry. They both experienced the loss of their mother and dealt with it in different ways.

William, of him and Harry, is the more mature one, hence why Diana said she didn’t have too many worries about him. It was Harry she was the most worried about and she had every right to be concerned.

Other royals have gone through therapy outside of William, Catherine and Harold. Princess Diana went for an assortment of things, including her eating disorders and postpartum depression. Even Princess Margaret did therapy.

Harry makes it sound like his family is too snobbish and noble to admit some of them need help. Also, does he forget he did many interviews talking about how his brother helped him and how his family always had his back? Meghan has pushed him to think she is the only family he needs and that everyone else is just horrible. Essentially, she’s making him do to his family what she did to hers.

The Historical Aspect Of The Name Henry

Throughout history, there have been eight kings named Henry that have ruled over England. The most famous is Henry VIII, who, as we mentioned earlier, had six wives. When he tired of one wife, he’d find a way to eliminate them. With his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, he argued that their marriage was unlawful. Another example was his second wife, Anne Boleyn, whom he left Catherine of Aragon for, he claimed she had committed incesteous acts with her brother, George Boleyn. Anne and George were later executed.

Now, we’re bringing this up because when Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon, one of their first children of the six they would have together was named Henry. Yes, you read that correctly. Prince Henry, Duke of Cornwall, lived for seven weeks despite being a healthy baby. Had he lived to adulthood, he would’ve been King Henry IX.

There was also a prince named Henry Frederick Stuart who almost became King Henry IX after the death of Elizabeth I, according to Mental Floss. He died of typhoid fever in 1612 after his father, James VI of Scotland, took the throne, and he’d been named the first Scottish Prince of Wales. His last words, apparently were for someone fetch him his sister, Elizabeth who was about to get married.

What The Modern Henry Says In Spare

Let’s not forget that Harry mentioned in Spare that the founder of Eton College, where he and William went to school, was King Henry VI. How is this relevant? Well, King Henry VI was not related to Harry in any form. Why? Henry VI’s only child was his son, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, who was killed during the Battle of Tewkesbury at the age of 17. He and his wife, Anne Neville never had the chance to have a child of their own as they were only married about a year.

Just looking at what happened with these handful of men named Henry, shows that the name is somewhat cursed. That brings us back to Harry…

Prince Henry, The KING Of Whingy McWhingy-Thon

Prince Harry is the king of whingefest. Why? Well, if we’ve learned anything from his book Spare, released this time last year, that he hates his position in life… as the King’s second son. In a nutshell, he hates being his generation’s version of his Uncle Andrew.

Dude, have you ever stopped to think that perhaps your parents couldn’t choose which son was born first? You were also not born to be spare parts for William. Since you’re too dense to get it, if something did happen to William, you might not have been a match. If anything, we think you got this thought from the movie, My Sister’s Keeper where a little girl sues to stop her parents from forcing her to provide bone marrow for her ailing sister.

We all know you don’t read. Look at your comment to Meghan about not knowing what Eat Pray Love was. He also hated that William got the better room and an extra sausage at breakfast. Petty much? We’ll go over this at a later date.

Harry is also insanely unlucky in love. Chelsy and Cressida both left. Perhaps try not being so damn paranoid.

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