The Disgusting Conspiracies Surrounding Princess Catherine’s Abdominal Surgery And Thomas Kingston’s Death

You would think that rumours about Catherine, the Princess of Wales and her surgery would wash away, but the conspiracies have only gotten louder since the death of Thomas Kingston. We did not want to talk about this as the speculation that has sprung up due to the Sussex Squad spewing all this nonsense. They do not have inside sources and people close to the Waleses and the Kingstons wouldn’t talk anyway given how private they are.

However, what we won’t do is go into detail, but we will explain how these conspiracies regarding Catherine and Thomas tie to different things that have occurred recently. Also, we do not believe anything the Sussex Squad is saying. However, we wanted to debunk what is being said for everyone’s sanity including our own.

What We Know About Catherine, the Princess Of Wales’ Surgery

We don’t know anything about the abdominal surgery outside of her hospital stay being two weeks and additional recovery time being two to three months or until Easter. Now, the surgery could have been anything. It was NOT a tummy tuck like the Squaddies are claiming, far from it. The Princess of Wales is as fit as they come. She has always been, so why would she need it? She doesn’t hate her body.

What Information Do We Have About Thomas Kingston’s Death?

Not a lot, and for a good reason. The Kingstons are not working royals and are very private. All know is that Thomas was found in a building that is on the estate of his parents. He had had lunch with his parents before his father went to walk the dogs. When he came back, his wife, Thomas’s mother, reported their son missing. They went looking, and Mister Kingston had to force entry to the building as it was allegedly locked. A gun was found with the body.

Thomas was found with a catastrophic head wound, which was revealed in the recent inquest.

The Catherine And Thomas Conspiracies

The Sussex Squad seem hell-bent on making Prince William the bad guy. They claim he was responsible for offing Thomas because of something he allegedly did to Catherine. That is their latest spiel of BS. If you want more, look through the Sussex Squad’s tweets. We won’t be mentioning it here.

An early rumour they came up with was that Catherine was no longer on this Earth, and the Palace was covering it up. She’s clearly still with us, as she was seen with her mother in photos that should never been taken, but she needed to be seen to stop the conspiracies.

The Sussex Squad Truly Are Idiots

There is also another BS spiel from the Squaddies claiming that William had bruises on his face, which was because he had gotten into an alleged fight with Thomas Kingston, which led to his death. The Sidley Twins mentioned this during a recent edition of Twin Talk. So, in the minds of the Sussex Squad, William backing out of King Constantine II’s memorial service at the last minute meant he was guilty of a crime.

A recent rumour that has come up is that William caused his uncle Tim Laurence, the husband of Princess Anne, to have a black eye due to this temper.

What About Harry’s Alleged Violent Streak?

Also, another absurd rumour is that William was violent towards his wife and the reason why she needed abdominal surgery. Just because someone has a temper doesn’t make them violent. Also, if we’re going to play that game, what about the rumours of Prince Harry roughing up sex workers? We know Harry has a temper and yet, it’s okay, though if it’s William, it’s suddenly not okay? Make it make sense, please.

To end this post, we had to bring up Loose Women’s Denise Welch. We were browsing through Twitter and saw someone mention that she demands that the palace tell us what is wrong with Princess Catherine.

Here’s the issue. Denise Welch has no right to demand anything. She is allegedly a Sussex Supporter, so naturally, she would be putting the heat on. If it were Meghan, who had undergone surgery, she would be demanding that she be given privacy until she recovers. However, Catherine isn’t afforded the same coutsey? Why? Because she hasn’t been seen in public since December?

Everyone is entitled to privacy, even public figures. It would be interesting to see if people were demanding to know where Denise was every time she wasn’t in the studio spewing her bile. She would be demanding she be left in peace. So, Denise, sit down and shut up. Let the Princess of Wales rest until she is ready to return to public duty.

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