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The Bad Batch S02E06: Tribe Is Better Than Last Week’s Episode

Tribe, Gungi
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The Bad Batch are a tribe. Given the theme and story of this week’s The Bad Batch episode, it makes sense. Also, The Clone Wars fans will be thrilled to see one of the cutest Jedi Younglings to ever grace our screens again, Gungi.

While on a mission for Cid on the space station Vanguard Axis, Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech negotiate with the droids while Echo and Omega guard the ship.

Omega starts to hear a Wookiee in distress and follows the sound while Echo goes to prep the ship for takeoff. She finds a bunch of droids torturing a adolescent Wookiee and immediately jumps in to help him. The little guy, who later introduces himself as Gungi, is terrified. All he sees are the same individuals who took out the Jedi during Order 66.

Determined to help, Omega tells Gungi that the Batch aren’t the bad guys. This comes after Hunter tries to explain that he and the others didn’t execute Order 66. Omega says that Hunter is telling the truth.

Feeling that he can now trust his new friends, Gungi tells them he’s trying to find his tribe on the Wookiee homeworld, Kashyyyk. Knowing they need to help, the Batch manages to get their little friend to the planet but has to watch out as the place is Imperial occupied.

Upon finding a tribe of Wookiees who are trying to fight against the occupation, the Batch explains what Gungi told them. He knows he came from Kashyyyk, but he doesn’t know which tribe.

Upon winning the fight, Gungi goes with the Wookiees, hopefully to find his tribe.

This week’s episode was far better than last week’s, which lead nowhere. The episode before with the racing was a filler too like last week, but it was fun. Tribe was the first time in a while since we’ve seen a lightsaber. From memory, the last time we saw one was the series premiere with Depa Bilaba and Caleb Dume. We might be wrong. Given the Jedi are either dead or in hiding, it makes not to show a survivor, unless it was necessary.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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