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Is THIS Character In The Ahsoka Series?

Barriss, Ahsoka

It’s been over a decade since we saw fallen Jedi Knight Barriss Offee on screen. Once a friend to Ahsoka Tano, the Mirialan framed her for bombing the Jedi Temple Hangar on Coruscant, saw the Padawan expelled from the Jedi Order and then acquitted once the truth was uncovered. Unfortunately, after the Temple guard arrested her, that was the last time we saw Offee or heard her name spoken.

When the Ahsoka trailer dropped for the new Mando-verse show in August or September at Star Wars Celebration, we got the identities of two of the titular character’s three adversaries. But it’s the third one that has people sitting up in their chairs.

Star Wars Comics recently released a video about this topic. The Ahsoka panel at Star Wars Celebration London had a second version of the trailer with additional shots that were not in the one that was not made public. Star Wars Comics included a blurry picture of the Inquisitor-like individual Ahsoka seen fighting the earlier trailer in a ship. While the face was not visible, it is speculated that this person is female.

Previously, it was theorised that it might be the Eighth Brother from Star Wars Rebels who is believed to have perished on Malachor. However, there is evidence to support that it isn’t him.

Barriss, Ahsoka

In the image above, a screenshot from the public Ahsoka trailer, the Inquisitor person has five fingers. Also, other shots indicate that the figure is not flat-chested.

Dave Filoni Wants To Use Barriss At Some Point

Furthermore, Dave Filoni said he knew what he wanted to do with Barriss but had to find the right project. A rumour has been floating around for a couple of weeks that Offee might return. Going a bit deeper, the Illuminerdi reported in a 2021 exclusive that the Ahsoka production was looking for an Asian actress in the role.

We’re not sure how accurate this report is, as there. is little information to support it. However, once we have more intel, we’ll be sure to report it. Again, this is just a rumour and speculation post. It’s getting close to August and when merch starts coming out, we may have an answer to whether Barriss is in the show.

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