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 We Have Serious Thoughts About The Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer!


The new Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer is exciting the masses – We’re just over three weeks away from the Obi-Wan Kenobi series premiere, and we’re SO excited! The new trailer dropped on May the 4th in the US, and god, did it give us some stuff to talk about! 

We got a tease of Darth Vader being assembled, which we’ve never seen in live-action, outside of him being put together in Revenge of the Sith, where he was in all that pain after the duel with his former master. And later in the timeline, we see his helmet go down in The Empire Strikes Back.

Also, the trailer gave us a look at the tension brewing between Owen Lars, Anakin’s stepbrother, Luke’s uncle, and Obi-Wan. This is also backed up by a few comic issues from a few years ago. In the comics, Owen takes a swipe at Obi-Wan for putting his nephew in danger and how he [Obi-Wan] has cost one too many Skywalkers their lives. This comes across in the teaser, where the moisture farmer tells Kenobi to his family alone. Obi-Wan insists that someday the boy should be trained as a Jedi.

Owen goes for the metaphorical jugular and says that Obi-Wan’s training of Anakin got his stepbrother killed. This, we assume, is just one of many confrontations Obi-Wan and Owen have had over the years if the comics aren’t used as a reference or a stepping stone to launch into the larger story. Given the footage we have seen, Obi-Wan might’ve been present before or after the Inquisitors show up.

Beru’s Involvement And Owen’s Animosity

We don’t see Beru in the trailer outside of the reused shot of Obi-Wan watching the Larses. Though, we assume that she is aware of the issues her husband and Obi-Wan have with each other. Fingers crossed, she gives her opinion on the situation when the series drops. Kenobi might be in a bad state given the events of years ago, but his stance that Luke become a Jedi still stands. Could he come to show signs of regret for even entertaining the idea of training his former friend’s son? Yes, we believe he will.

Beru in A New Hope was more of a negotiator between Owen and Luke. She was on Luke’s side while she had to gently remind her husband that their nephew wasn’t a little boy anymore. She was also the young Skywalker’s maternal figure as he didn’t know his mother.

We don’t know what Beru’s role will be in the series or how many episodes she and Owen will be in. Since the series will leave Tatooine relatively quickly, she may only appear in perhaps, the first episode. Or maybe she’s in two episodes but not close together. For example, she could appear in the first and last episodes.

Perhaps, Beru has to step in to stop a fight between Owen and Obi-Wan. We guess that if it does happen. The only thing they would come into conflict over is Luke’s welfare and future. It makes sense, given that the two men both have a connection to Anakin’s son, and, naturally, they would want what is best for him.

Which Jedi Is Being Hunted?

It was assumed that Benny Safdie’s character would be the one to be hunted. However, the trailer throws us off that scent. They introduce Kumail Nanjiani’s character – who is unnamed at the moment – who is dressed almost like a Jedi. We don’t know if he is a Jedi or not, yet it would be interesting if he were.

Also, Reva – the Third Sister – is actively hunting Obi-Wan and mentions he can’t escape “him”, meaning Vader. So, this begs the question of who is being tracked. We know that the Empire doesn’t care if they’re not functioning as Jedi anymore. One Jedi poses a risk to the entire Imperial regime.

Also, someone pointed out something interesting that we had also noticed. Reva calls Obi-Wan by his first name, indicating there could be a link between them. We know that a large portion of the Inquisitorius were once Jedi. Dave Filoni confirmed a few years back that the Grand Inquisitor was a Jedi Temple Guard. This was backed up in the Star Wars Rebels episode, Shroud of Darkness, when it was revealed that the Grand Inquisitor was a Jedi Sentinel.

Most Star Wars fans will know that everything is done for a reason. The Inquisitors could use one or two isolated Jedi to lure Obi-Wan – a more significant threat – out of hiding. However, how do they know he’s on Tatooine if this is true? This has been a question mark since before the first trailer.

Who Is The Droid?

There is a droid who keeps popping up, which gives us major K2SO vibes. It’s not K2, but every story (almost) introduces us to a new droid we can gush over. The Skywalker Saga gave us R2-D2 and C-3PO and an assortment of others. Rogue One had K2SO. Rebels had us clamouring for more C1-10P (Chopper). 

The list goes on. We think a few people say that the translation is seen on the droid’s chest plate in the first trailer translated to NED. We checked it, and it is the droid’s name. So, what is its purpose? We don’t know if it’s got female or male programming, so that’s up in the air until merchandise comes out for the droid or its first appearance.

Vader’s First Appearance

It’s unclear when Vader’s first appearance will be. Rumours indicate that the character will appear in a post-credit scene (a la Marvel style) before making a proper appearance in the episode after the scene airs.

If this is true, then it’s possible that the shots in the trailer were from that post-credit scene. We’re not sure, and it’s just a theory for now. Now, going into the more profound realm of this, Vader will know to some degree that his former master is alive. We can back this up with the wanted poster seen in the trailer.

It is also possible that his first scene could cut from his reassembly to him at Fortress Inquisitorius.

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