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What Does Tom Bower Expose About Meghan Markle And Her Hollywood Friends?

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Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, has opened a can of worms into Meghan Markle’s personal life. Tom Bower is not a man you want to cross in a dark alley. The former lawyer turned journalist has gotten a ton of press over the last few weeks due to his latest book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors. What has come out is enough to make your hair stand on end. Oh, we’ve also covered how Meghan is using Gloria Steinem.

I’m not too far into the book, but there is a ton of stuff already that I’ve found. I’ll be writing a fair bit about this book as I uncover more stuff, so be sure to come back as I release new articles. For anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, please beware that this article does contain massive spoilers.

So, this first article dives into Meghan’s Hollywood friends and how she used them and vice versa. It’s pretty juicy stuff as there’s a lot of envy from Markle’s side as she wants to be like many of these high-profile women but falls short. This is one in a series of articles relating to Mister Bower’s book. Our previous post was on the rumours that were omitted from the biography.

Before We Dive Into Revenge

Before I begin, I want to mention something that has been bought up countless times on Twitter. Revenge wasn’t written to talk about long-rooted gossip. Tom Bower said this himself. The book contains things that he could confirm outright. So, the one thing he could NOT verify is the rumours of surrogacies and fake kids. However, there are a couple of errors in the book that might be fixed in later editions. I’ll go over them in another article.

As I’ve said before, Revenge is about confirming those stories we were told for so long were fabrications but felt deep down were true. So let’s get started with the one person who profited a lot from being Meghan’s stylist, Jessica Mulroney.

The Now Ex-Stylist Best Friend – Jessica Mulroney

Mulroney; abuse of friendship; revenge
[Credit: Insider]

The first person who used Meghan was Jessica Mulroney, who served as her on-off stylist. Revenge flips the lid on the pair’s friendship and how they used each other across the time they knew each other.

For those who mightn’t know, Jessica Mulroney is the wife of television presenter Ben Mulroney and the daughter-in-law of Brian Mulroney, a former Canadian Prime Minister. She has also been referred to in Canadian social circles as the Fairy Godmother of Canadian fashion.

Tom Bower’s research into Jessica is quite interesting. I was already aware of some of the stuff, such as her involvement in bullying Princess Charlotte. In the early days of her friendship with Meghan, they were in the same camp; nobodies in a big sea of famous people.

Of the group of female friends Meghan acquired while a regular at the Toronto Soho House, Jessica was one of them. Two others included Sophie Trudeau, the wife of Justin Trudeau, who was not yet Prime Minister of Canada and Martina Sorbara, the daughter of a politician.

When Meghan got with Harry, Jessica’s profile skyrocketed due to their association. At the wedding, Mulroney hoped to have her own Pippa Middleton moment from William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding.

[Credit: Pinterest]

Pippa Doesn’t Profit Off Her Sister

Pippa Middleton has more grace and dignity than Jessica Mulroney. She also doesn’t use her connection to her older sister, the Duchess of Cambridge, to profit. At Meghan and Harry’s wedding, I didn’t notice what Jessica was trying to do. But after reviewing the above images, it’s now clear what she was trying to do.

Jessica walking up the stairs like she’s going down a catwalk shows she wants to outdo Pippa. Was she jealous? Yes, absolutely. Was this some revenge? I doubt it, as Pippa and Jessica don’t even compare.

The Tennis Star Bent On Revenge? – Serena Williams

[Credit: Eurosport]

Serena Williams needs no introduction. One of America’s most recognisable tennis players, she met Meghan in 2010 but didn’t “befriend” her until 2014, according to Gabbi Shaw of Insider.

According to what Sam Kashner told Mister Bower for Revenge before he attempted to retract his statement, Serena told him when Meghan requested he talks to her for the Vanity Fair article that Williams and Markle were NOT friends but acquaintances. This is not the first time Williams has avoided calling the Duchess of Sussex a friend. During an interview with her sister, Venus, she was asked whether she was friends with Meghan, and she refused to acknowledge her existence.

A Mutual Royal Friend – Misha Nonoo

[Credit: Vanity Fair]

One of Meghan’s famous friends is Misha Nonoo, who is no stranger to the royal family. Misha is friends with Princess Eugenie. However, it appears that Misha, through my observation, is using Meghan to grow her profile as a fashion designer. Her first husband was a classmate and friend of William and Harry.

During Meghan’s acting days, Misha struggled to get her name out there. Her association with Eugenie didn’t appear to be enough. When Markle got with Harry, and the relationship became public knowledge, Misha’s name was bought up a ton. Meghan did a fashion capsule with Meghan’s name attached.

The Crying Makeup Artist – Daniel Martin

[Credit: Allure]

One of Meghan’s most famous friends is makeup artist Daniel Martin. It has been alleged that his business and clientele skyrocketed due to his association with Meghan. He had worked with A-listers, such as Jessica Alba, but was unknown to the public before he worked with Markle.

When Meghan received massive backlash, Daniel Martin broke down during an interview with Gayle King, defending his friend. So that brings us to our final point.

The Queens Of (Revenge) Television – Gayle King And Oprah

[Credit: ET Canada]

For our final point, we decided to put Gayle King and Oprah together, as you often cannot associate one without the other.

As mentioned above, Meghan’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin, broke down in tears while discussing Markle’s media scrutiny while talking with Gayle King. This more or less started Gayle’s crusade of joining the Sussex Squad. Moreover, King would air the conversation between Harry and William in the aftermath of the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah. Let’s not forget Gayle King’s comments about Prince Philip’s passing. She also made a sexist gaffe toward Princess Anne.

Anyone who knows this site will know how much I wrote about the Oprah interview last year. Even now, I’m still talking about it whenever I mention it in articles about the Sussexes. You would think Oprah would’ve fact-checked everything they said, given her reputation as a journalist. However, her name ended up in the news for weeks following the shitshow due to her incompetent reporting. Finally, she went on the record where she said the public had no right to question the Sussexes.

As you can imagine, people were unhappy that someone as credible as Oprah had officially joined the woke bandwagon. Also, we must point out that Ms Winfrey’s sudden need to appear comes when she hasn’t had a talk show in years. So, her need to be seen as ideal and using the Sussexes was the perfect way to achieve visibility.

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