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Chronicles Of Harkle: Interviewer On Vanity Fair Cover Attempts To Retract Tom Bower Story And Fails, Gloria Steinem And Meghan Dresses Like Catherine And Queen Máxima

Meghan Markle is the worse. A semi-surprising statement came from Sam Kashner, the man who interviewed the former Suits actress for her Vanity Fair article that made her headline news as Prince Harry’s then-girlfriend. The statement comes just days after the release of five extracts from Tom Bower’s most recent book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the between the Windsors. Let’s not forget the drama at the UN.

I want to cover a lot of stuff in this Chronicles of Harkle article. Outside of the Sam Kashner stuff, I also wanted to cover Meghan and Gloria Steinem holding hands and Markle’s attempt to outdo Catherine and Queen Máxima in the fashion stakes.

Before I jump into what I wanted to talk about with the Sam, Gloria, Catherine, and Maxima stuff, I want to say there are other things I want to discuss. However, that will need to wait for another article as I want keep this on the one related topic. Also, the Harkles’ attempt to silence journalism isn’t working. Oh, and the Ukraine speeches differ between the Cambridges and the Sussexes.

Sam Kashner Attempts To Retract His Story

So, the first thing I wanted to go over was the statement that came out from Sam Kashner. You know, the guy who did Meghan’s Vanity Fair interview? It appears he does not like what came out in the extract about the Vanity Fair article from Tom Bower’s book. He’s claiming that Bower twisted his words and that Meghan is a warm, kind person and that Harry was a lucky man. However, no one believes it.

Also, Omid Scobie was the one who reported it and posted the statement. Now, I’ve blocked Scobie on Twitter for obvious reasons. However, I knew it was from him because I went searching for the statement in Google images and found this:

Sam Kashner
Screenshot from Google Images search term, “Sam Kashner Meghan Markle.”

For the statement, Markle News on Instagram was able to post it to their account.

[Credit: @MarkleNews1 – Instagram]

This whole thing, to me, is suspect. Like real suspect. Why did Sam not retract the story before the extracts came out? Also, the statement could have been written by anyone as it does not read like something Mister Kashner would’ve written. Moreover, this brings up a couple of hard-hitting questions:

  1. Why go on the record and attempt to retract the story before the book comes out?
  2. Was he threatened with a lawsuit from the Sussexes’ camp?
  3. Could he have been blackmailed into attempting to retract the story?

Any journalist who has done their research knows how thorough Tom Bower is in his study. I’ve said this before, but people have attempted to sue him for defamation and have failed.

Meghan Uses Gloria Steinem As A Prop

Gloria Steinem, Meghan Markle
[Credit: BOL News]

Moving away from the Sam Kashner drama, we wanted to address another dilemma that has since popped up. Since the Sussexes were in New York for Harry’s awful Nelson Mandela Day speech, more on that in another article, Meghan wheeled out Gloria Steinem as a prop. There you go, I said it. The so-called compassionate Duchess of Sussex uses an elderly woman for her benefit. Oh, wait. She also attempted to do it with Her Majesty The Queen. Let’s not forget how Meghan has treated her elderly father, father-in-law, stepmother-in-law and late grandfather-in-law.

So, let me get this straight, Meghan is okay with hanging out with an 88-year-old Caucasian woman but not a 96-year-old also Caucasian woman who is the whole reason she was allowed to marry Harry and become the Duchess of Sussex? Double standards much?

It is also beyond creepy how Meghan looks at the camera as she holds Gloria’s hand. The Sussex might gush over how kind their goddess is to be helping the elderly, but then they fail to see the larger picture. Markle doesn’t care. She never has. This also blows her whole “I love grandmothers!” pitch to Oprah out of the water. If she did love The Queen, she wouldn’t have convinced Harry that his whole family hated her. Sorry, but I genuinely believe she is using Ms Steinem.

Meghan Attempts To Beat Catherine And Queen Maxima

[Credit: People Magazine]

To finish this article, I want to bring up Meghan’s jealousy of her sister-in-law, Catherine. Remember that stunning dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the Top Gun premiere? Unfortunately, Markle has attempted to upstage her by wearing a Gabriela Hearst strapless jumpsuit that looks the same.

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

Now, there have been a lot of comparisons between Catherine’s dress and a jumpsuit Queen Máxima of the Netherlands wore at an event.

The outfit was essentially the same but was altered to be a jumpsuit for the Queen rather than a dress. I’ve seen people say that [Someone] changed the back of Catherine’s gown.

I’ve seen images of both styles, and I think the DoC was right to change the back to fabric and not see-through. However, I’m not sure whether Queen Máxima’s jumpsuit was altered or not.

Moving back to Meghan’s Gabriela Hearst outfit, it’s clear she despises Catherine. But unfortunately, this is not the first time she has dressed like Kate.

I’ve even seen one media outlet say that Meghan was “inspired” by Catherine’s Top Gun premiere gown. But, of course, anyone following this trainwreck knows that Catherine doesn’t inspire Markle. Instead, she wants to be her.

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