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POLL: When Did The Public Realise That Meghan Markle Was Going To Be Trouble?

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It’s not every day we do a Twitter poll, but we’re so glad we did. We wanted to do a quick post to discuss the results. We did the poll last week where we wanted to ask when the public realised Meghan Markle would be trouble with a capital T. This is not about bashing her, but given her plummeting popularity, it’s only fair we dive into this a little more.

This has nothing to do with her obsessions, including the word ‘Arche’ and the name ‘Archie’. Nor is it about the mystery of what happened to Guy the Beagle’s legs, Tyler Perry and his friendship with Meghan or even whether Meghan is anorexic.

So, in our Twitter poll, we put the following options:

Before Engagement, After Engagement, Wedding or Other. To our surprise, the top selection was Before the Engagement, followed by the Wedding.

The only comment we got on Other was from J. E. May/Duchess Marmalade, who wrote:

This was interesting because we thought we’d get an array of responses for this, as many people didn’t see through the facade that Meghan Markle was pulling until much later. We know we didn’t see through the facade fully until the Losses We Share crap put out in the New York Times.

There were a few things before this, like J.E. May’s comment says, in the South Africa interview where Meghan says, “Nobody asked if I’m okay” when she was standing in the middle of a province of South Africa where the women were abused and violated. This was a huge wake-up call, but the NYT piece had us going, “We’re out.”

Anyway, let’s go over the Twitter poll results.

So, 47.3% of people said Before Engagement. How this ended up being the top result is unclear, as many people had never heard of Meghan Markle before the engagement. We know we hadn’t. However, there would have been people who had seen Suits and then sussed her out on social media and realised that something was seriously off about her.

14.3% of people said After Engagement. If we had to guess, this would’ve been people who could see through Meghan Markle’s comments like, “Is he nice?” and “I didn’t know anything about him” or whatever she said in the engagement interview. The British royals are one of the most famous royal families on the face of the planet. They’re well-known, even in the United States, where Diana was a darling and a frequent visitor to New York.

23.8% said at the Wedding. This was an interesting result because people, by this time, were catching on to Meghan Markle and her cruel ways. If memory serves, this was around time or afterwards when the story about the bullying of staff came out. Also, her lack of family gave Meghan away at the wedding, with only her mother being there. We do not believe her niece was ever supposed to attend the wedding. Ashleigh’s involvement in the docuseries on Netflix was to show Meghan has not “discarding” her family.

Finally, we get to Other, which we discussed earlier. The result of this was 14.3%.

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