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Who Was The Princess In Shrek?

Princess Fiona, Shrek

Princess Fiona was a lead character in the Shrek franchise. She started as the rescue who was to be married to Lord Farquaad so he could become king before he got eaten by Dragon at the wedding for being horrible and a woman hater. She later marries Shrek, which makes him a prince for marrying her.

Fiona is the daughter of King Harold and Queen Lillian of Far, Far Away and a cousin of Arthur Pendragon. As a little girl, she was forced to live in a tower after a witch casts a spell on her. She grows up with Dragon as her guardian. Eventually, she is rescued by Shrek and Donkey, who are on a quest to get her to Lord Farquaad so he can become King of Duloc.

All of her life, Fiona was a fighter and even learned self-defence. These were skills passed onto her by her mother, who was also a keen fighter, as seen when they are forced to flee the castle when Prince Charming declares himself king and Rapunzel his queen.

Princess Fiona Was Never A Direct Heir

Despite being a princess, Fiona was never in line for the throne, even though her mother was. Instead, her cousin, Artie, was the only candidate after she and Shrek turned down the position of the monarch before King Harold’s death as they wanted to raise their family away from the castle’s confines.

As a wife and friend, the princess knows how to balance both. Despite her husband’s annoyance, she is happy to have Donkey live with her and Shrek in their newlywed bliss. Fiona also doesn’t enjoy being stabbed in the back, which Rapunzel did when she married Charming and became his queen. She later gives birth to triplets.

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