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Times Meghan Markle Has Been Inappropriate Towards Other Country’s Culture

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Meghan Markle is well-known for her inappropriate outfits. This makes this laugh-worthy because the former actress seems to offend every country she visits. Isn’t she supposed to have studied international relations? If this is the truth, then why did she wear revealing clothing in a predominantly Muslim country like Nigeria? Why did she not want to wear a rabbit pelt hat in Australia when she was wearing calf leather shoes?

Usually, we’d be like, “Make this make sense.” Not this time. Meghan’s actions never make sense, let alone her outfits. In this Chronicles of Harkle post, we will explaining the offending outfits and where Meghan was when this occurred. We’ll also go over other situations where necessary.

South Africa – The Head Scarf And Proclaiming No One Has Asked If She’s Okay

The Head Scarf

meghan outfits
[Credit: Newshub]

Okay, this first outfit of Meghan’s isn’t necessarily horrible, but the offence is clear. So, before she went on television and proclaimed “No one has asked me if I’m okay,” Markle went to a mosque in South Africa and exposed her hair. Yes, you heard that right.

Mosques are religious establishments for the Muslim faith and women are required to cover as much of their hair as possible. Meghan, while she did cover her hair, decided she wanted to look “sexy” with the tendrils of the front of her hair sticking out. Not only is this disrespectful, but it goes to show how uncultured she is.

Didn’t she once claim she studied international relations or international studies at university? This would have been something that would’ve come up; how to dress in a non-christian culture or area. She did achieve what she set out to do. Be compared to Princess Diana.

[Credit: India Today]

Everything from the outfit down to the pose is a copy of Diana, which is creepy. We know now that this was Meghan’s ultimate goal with Harry: convince him she is the second coming of his beloved late mother.

Diana showed respect. As did Catherine. As you can see from the picture below, this is how you’re supposed to dress when you go into a mosque.

[Credit: Town & Country Magazine]

“Not Many People Have Asked Me If I’m Okay.”

[Credit: New Idea]

Remember when the above picture occurred? Yeah, we do. This was during the South African Tour when Meghan and by extension, Harry proclaimed they were clashing with the royal family, likely over Meghan’s bad behaviour and Harry’s constant defence of her, she proceeded to play the victim.

So, the reason we’re calling this out as cultural appropriation is because Meghan did the unthinkable. She complained while standing in the middle of one of the poorest areas of South Africa. This is where women are attacked and murdered.

Australia – Hat Gate, The Dress Slit And Rejecting Helicopter Name

Hat Gate

[Credit: Pinterest]

Okay, this next one is three separate incidents. The first was when Harry and Meghan were in Australia and the governor-general gave them Akubra hats. Meghan allegedly refused to wear hers because it was made of rabbit pelts. However, her shoes were made of leather.

Harry, not wanting to start a fight with his wife, didn’t wear his either. He has worn Akubra hats before.

[Credit: Daily Express]

While it’s not necessarily controversial, it is when you consider that she was given a gift and refused to entertain the idea of being grateful for it. There was a rumour that Meghan refused to wear it because she loves animals. If she did, how can she explain how Guy, her beloved Beagle, ended up with two broken legs? There’s several stories on that, but we’re not discussing it here.

Dress Slit

[Credit: Popsugar]

Next, we have the dress slit. As you can see from the image above, Meghan is wearing a beach dress to a public outing. Yes, you read that correctly. If she was there on a private visit with no camera around, sure, why not? However, cameras were recording everything for the national and international news outlets. This was also the first outfit she wore where she was cupping a non-existent baby bump. Also,

This could have been a fashion disaster if there had been a strong wind blowing. That is why modestly dressed royal women have tiny weights sewn into the hems of their outfits to avoid this type of problem. Look at what happened with Catherine where she had a Marilyn Monroe moment when her skirt blew up.

Rejecting The Helicopter

Okay, this next one isn’t one of Meghan’s outfits, but a rejection of a different kind. This has to do with an RFS air tanker that the Royal Fire Service wanted to name after Archie. It is alleged, according to the Daily Mail in 2020, that the Sussexes rejected the aircraft because “Archie has not yet entered royal life.”

What a kick in the teeth to the RFS. They wanted to do something nice to honour the 2019 royal tour and they were snubbed. When you look back at this story, it’s clear that it was probably Meghan who rejected it, not Harry. Why? Because she has to be the centre of attention at all times, no one else. Not even her own children.

Harry probably saw it as a massive honour, whereas Meghan, thought it was stupid. This is not the first time. When she and Harry were in Australia, it is alleged she didn’t understand why there were so many people there to greet them, proclaiming, “This is silly.” It’s clear she doesn’t like any other country except America.

Nigeria – Almost Every Outfit

meghan outfits
[Credit: People Magazine]

Okay, this second-last one is more recent. This is the second time (that we can find) that Meghan has dressed inappropriately in a Muslim populace. Yes, we’re talking about the Nigeria ‘tour’.

The ‘tour’ was only three days and it wasn’t about the Invictus Games as it was claimed. It was about Meghan being dubbed ‘An African Princess’. Anyway, almost every outfit she wore was inappropriate for where she was.

One of the first outfits Meghan wore made her look naked. It was almost the same colour as her skin. She also flashed side boob a couple of times. A few people joked that when she was given Nigerian clothing, the people were silently telling her to cover up.

Britain – Not Reading The Room

Prince Louis’ Christening

meghan outfits
[Credit: Racked]

When it came to royal events, Meghan went against what she was told. She thought she was being the ‘royal rebel’ and people would be applauding her. However, when they didn’t, she cried racism as she likes to do.

The first big event that Meghan attended where she refused to follow the colour code was Prince Louis’s christening. Yes, that’s right. She wore khaki green to her newborn nephew’s baptism. Harry got the memo that the colour code was white, cream or blue. Meghan apparently didn’t or was giving the middle finger to William and Catherine.

Meghan would complain later on the Netflix whinge-a-thon that she was banned from wearing colour where she had to wear “muted tones” when there is physical evidence she did wear colour as a royal.

Commonwealth Day

[Credit: Yahoo Life UK]

During her last royal event, Meghan wore what many refer to as Kermit green to the 2020 Commonwealth Day service. The colours of the Commonwealth or at least in Britain and Australia are red, blue and white.

While Harry wore a blue tie, the inside of his jacket had a Kermit Green lining. This was yet a chance for her to do another Diana cosplay.

[Credit: Business Insider]

Meghan, did however, in the years before this, did wear white.

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