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Is Gloria Steinem Being Used By Meghan Markle?


We’re not sorry if this offends anyone. Gloria Steinem is a feminist icon. She is also the stepmother to actor Christian Bale as she was married to his late father, David Bale until he died in 2003. So could it be possible that Meghan Markle, a woman with fierce ambition and known for playing the victim daily, is using her?

This comes from Meghan’s comment regarding calling Gloria when the Roe v. Wade verdict was overturned. We were thinking about this earlier when we watched one of PDina’s videos, and it hit us. Markle is using Ms Steinem. We understand there will be people who disagree with us, but please, remember this is our opinion—no one else’s. So let’s get into our controversial thought process.

Meghan Appears To Despise Elderly People Or Uses Them

Anyone who has been following Meghan’s behaviour will know she has something against elderly people. She trashes the British monarchy, run by a 96-year-old woman in The Queen. Though, she claims to admire the Queen. Remember her “I love grandmothers!” comment from the Oprah interview? Before this, she cut off her father, who is in his 70s. Then, there are the photos that have made their way online of her sitting in the lap of an elderly gentleman while his wife sat nearby.

We’ve only seen the photos, and we’re not going to post them out of respect for the man who has died in the years since those pictures were taken. The images are also tough to find. However, anyone within the Megxiteer community who has seen these photos will know what we’re talking about.

Our Thoughts – Is Gloria Being Used?

Do we believe Meghan is using Gloria? Yes, we do think she is. She is a woman who is almost 90, a few years younger than the Queen. Gloria gushes about how relatable Meghan and Harry are and how they are the future.

Something tells us that Meghan put on the charm, and people in power fall over her. However, there are a lot of people in power who can’t stand them or avoid them like the plague. For example, there have been rumours that the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa hated them, as per Markle News on Instagram. The rumour goes that Meghan was incredibly rude.

Meghan is an opportunist. Anyone who has followed her journey will have picked up on a pattern. One thing that should be noted here is how she picks her targets. As we mentioned earlier, Gloria is a top rider for the feminist movement and has been for decades. People go to her. She doesn’t need to be summoned.

So, when Meghan mentions in the Vogue article that she rang Gloria, this shows us that no one will go to her as she doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to feminism. She never did. A feminist doesn’t bully other women into submission.

In conclusion, Meghan thrives off positive commentary that is aimed at her. She even gushes at Gloria at how kind she is to compliment her. We don’t know a single famous person who has ever complimented someone lower in status than them in an important interview. So do we believe Gloria has lost the plot? No, we don’t think she has. We believe she is only teaming with Meghan because of her title. If she were just “Meghan Markle”, she wouldn’t go anywhere near her.

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