Batwoman: Ryan Faces A Choice, Poison Mary Meets Marquis And Renee Wants Pam Back!

Poison Mary – when the news came out that Ryan would face personal challenges, they weren’t kidding with us! Last week’s episode of Batwoman showcases that. She is forced to choose between saving Luke and Mary. Also, she gets stabbed in the back by Renee Montoya, who wants Pamela Isley. Poison Mary meets Marquis, Ryan’s half-brother and potentially gains a new ally and a romantic interest.

The episode reveals how twisted Mary and Marquis have become. Moreover, it shows how desperate Ryan is to return them to their old selves. Not to mention, the situation is only going to get worse with the original Poison Ivy.

Oh, Poison Mary, Why Do You Think Ryan Doesn’t Care?

Poison Mary seems to have in her mind that Ryan doesn’t care about her the way she does the other members of the Bat Team. Thanks, Alice for your input. Anyway, the situation is getting thornier by the episode with Ryan being pushed into countless corners.

She has a lot going on with learning to trust her biological mother, Jada, and dealing with her joy buzzed half-brother. What’s more, is she’s also fighting her apparent feelings for Sophie whilst being blackmailed into helping Renee Montoya. That’s a lot to take in such a short space of time. Also, Marquis staged a coup to take Wayne Enterprises from his sister.

Ryan adores Mary. She thinks of her like the sister she never had. However, Alice isn’t helping matters by encouraging her sister to act out of spite and use her newfound powers to get what she thinks she deserves.

Mary has always been a selfless individual. She was willing to give up her life for her mother when Alice poisoned them. The Bat Team would be lost without her, and if she were herself, she’d realise that she would be lost without them. After Jacob is sent to prison and Kate leaves town to find their cousin, the Bat Team steps in to be that family unit. One of those occasions was when the Mad Hatter 2.0 ransacked her medical school graduation at the beginning of the season. Sophie and Ryan were there to support her.

Poison Mary Meets The New Joker

Mary’s need for control has her going to Marquis’ party where the theme is playing cards. What makes the situation freaky is the whole situation played out like they were Harley Quinn and the Joker. We mean that literally. It was like that weird scene in Suicide Squad where Harley was in her Harlequin outfit as she dances with a tuxedo-wearing Joker.

Though, we will admit she looked amazing in that glittery dress. Very Poison Ivy-esque. It shows the elegance of the character while reminding the audience how dangerous she is.

Having them both be adversaries to Ryan is a ballsy move, especially since she is such a new character to the DC stratosphere.

Renee Stabs The Bat Team In The Back

To end off this post, we had to address Renee stabbing the Bat Team in the back. She used them to find Pam. When they did their job, she took advantage of the silence, kissed Pam, and helped her escape. This ultimately doesn’t go down well with Ryan, especially when Sophie slept with Montoya on a whim.

Since Montoya has been in the story, she has shown a side of herself that is closed off to everyone except Pamela. As we saw in last week’s flashbacks, they loved each other, but Pam’s obsessive need to save the environment and take out anyone who interferes with it presented a problem.

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