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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sheila’s About To Fall Into A Trap She Can’t Escape!

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Sheila believes she’s about to be welcomed into the Forrester family – After weeks of no answers, Steffy finally remembers who shot her and Finn in the alley. Realising that Sheila killed her husband, the Forrester CEO wants revenge, and who could blame her? We know we can’t, as Sheila has caused so much chaos, including causing Taylor to abandon her children and not being there during their formative years.

What’s more, Taylor surprised us in today’s episode as she accepts immediately that her almost-killer is precisely that; a killer who killed her son. She is insistent on calling the police, but Steffy stops her. This might’ve given some people pause. However, we usually read ahead before seeing the episode, so it didn’t strike us as odd because Steffy had a plan. She wants to trap Sheila so she can’t worm out of the accusations they’re about to lob at her.

We’re rubbing our hands together in glee because it will be so juicy when it happens. Kudos to Kimberlin Brown for playing such a compelling villain for decades. Sheila has so many layers that it’s impossible to pick the one we like best.

Sheila To Break Down – Will It Turn Deadly?

The villainess has blamed Steffy for Finn’s death despite being the one who pulled the trigger. All Sheila claims she has ever wanted is acceptance. Okay, well, try not reaping revenge on everyone who crosses your path. If Hope and Brooke can welcome Deacon back into their lives and see how much he’s changed, then the Forresters could’ve don’t the same for Sheila. However, there is a vast difference between her and Deacon.

Deacon has committed to the change he vowed to partake. Despite what Ridge says, he [Deacon] has changed and has shown his commitment to it because he has something to fight for; his daughter and grandchildren. Hope is also his most prominent advocate and sees the change.

However, Sheila is a whole other story. Finn has a slew of half-siblings who want nothing to do with her. That should be a clue. But, then, the entire Forrester family shut Sheila down at the wedding when he practically pulled her through the front door.

So, when Steffy exposes her for killing Finn, it will be hard for Sheila to back out of it as she will be trapped with nowhere to go. While it’s a smart move on Steffy’s part, it’s also hazardous as Shelia does not do well when she is cornered. She’ll fight back so Steffy, Ridge and Taylor had better be ready.

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