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The Bold And The Beautiful: Sheila Has NO Place In The Family Dynamic And Hope Doesn’t Want Her Parents Back Together


Sheila Is Allowing Her Ego To Explode

Oh, boy. After watching today’s Bold and the Beautiful, we have some comments about Sheila – Cue the slamming the head on the keyboard. Sheila is acting all high and mighty, and she’s emotionally blackmailing Thomas into keeping quiet about her part in Brooke’s drinking. While he doesn’t have all the details, is he really going to listen to the woman who caused Taylor to disappear all those years ago?

Sheila claims she has every right to be at Steffy’s house as she’s Finn’s mother and Hayes’ grandmother. Ah, no. She doesn’t. The house is STEFFY’s residence, and she hates Sheila’s guts. Thomas had every right to get her to leave. We’ve said this multiple times, and it’s not going to change. Her plan has already started unravelling. She doesn’t realise it yet, but if Thomas says something to Ridge about her involvement, she’s finished!

Very few people can stand Sheila as it is, so why would Steffy want her in her house? It doesn’t matter that she [Sheila] has genetic ties to Hayes and Finn. She didn’t raise Finn. Li did. Li is Finn’s mother. Hayes’ grandmother. Sheila doesn’t want to accept that. She’s only trying to get in Finn’s good books because her other children want nothing to do with her. Deep down, she believes that Finn is a pushover and will do what she wants.

As much as we don’t love Steffy, she has her reasons for shunning Sheila from her son’s life. Sheila hasn’t changed, and Steffy can see that. She doesn’t want Hayes to be raised around someone this toxic.

Sheila needs to get off her high horse because it’s only going to work against her later.

Hope Doesn’t Want Want Her Parents Back Together

To end this post, we wanted to address what Steffy refuses to do so. Hope doesn’t want her parents back together. She wants her mother with Ridge and not Deacon. Actually, when she went to her stepfather to plead Brooke’s case, he bought this up. He said he was surprised that she hadn’t jumped at the chance to have Deacon and Brooke together.

Here’s the thing. She’s not immature like Steffy is.

Steffy is hellbent on getting Ridge and Taylor back together. She dragged Thomas into it as if they were trying to parent trap them. What is she? Twelve? Her inability to get over her immense hatred for Brooke is blinding her. Who knows what will happen if she learns what Sheila did. Would she keep the intel to herself or tell Ridge?

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