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The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Goes For Her Paternity Test, Ridge Breaks The Zoe News To Carter

There’s so much to cover in today’s The Bold and the Beautiful. Steffy gets her paternity test, Ridge issues the Zoe news to Carter and Hope tells Brooke that Liam potentially fathered another child with his ex-wife.

The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Eric And Zende Confide In Each Other While Quinn Fights Brooke

Bow down to Queen Brooke, Quinn! Yeah, we went there! As Eric struggles to come to terms with what his wife has done, he finds comfort in another conflicted soul, his recently returned grandson, Zende. Elsewhere, the mistress of Forrester manor struggles to fight off her rival.

Hitched; repeat
The Bold And The Beautiful

Bold And The Beautiful: *Groans* Ridge And Shauna Get Hitched… While He’s Still Legally Married To Brooke

Ridge knows a thing or two about getting hitched. He’s been married enough times to know how it all works. Well, it looks like he’s gone and screwed up… big time and to top it off, he doesn’t remember how it happened!