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Bold And The Beautiful: Is Steffy Becoming The New Sheila?


Sheila Carter is one of the evilest people to grace the walls of the Forrester mansion. From being married to Eric to shooting Taylor and depriving Steffy and Thomas of their mother for years, she’s been there, done that. Anyway, it appears her need to trump Brooke for standing up to her has rubbed on Steffy, who hates her guts.

Steffy is desperate to get her parents back together to the point she pulled a Sheila – so to speak – by spewing her hatred towards her on-off stepmother to a computer screen. Yes, you read that correctly. She was talking to a laptop the say Sheila does to her phone screen when she plots.

The whole thing shows how spiteful Steffy is. She cannot let go of how her father always preferred Brooke over Taylor. Also, she forgets that RJ wanted his parents back together. Not to mention, to drag Thomas and Douglas into it is low. 

Also, Taylor is doing her best to stay out of it, but after hearing from her meddling children that Brooke “cheated” on their father with Deacon, we have every sense that she is going to take full advantage of it. However, no one knows the full story.

As the viewers know, Sheila switched the labels on the champagne bottles. Brooke drank it, thinking it was the non-alcoholic stuff. We won’t go over everything, but it should be self-explanatory. Anyway, Deacon spent the house but did NOT sleep with Brooke but on the bed and not under the covers. Steffy’s decades-long hatred towards Brooke has blinded her yet again. She hates all the Logans and has learned to tolerate Hope because they share children with Liam.

Sheila Would be Proud

To be quite plain, Sheila would be proud that Steffy is following her wicked footsteps. They both share a hatred for Brooke and want their families back. 

However, we doubt Steffy will accept Sheila into her family, despite their shared goal of getting rid of Brooke. Steffy knows how vindictive her biological mother-in-law is and how she obsesses.

Steffy is beginning to obsess over getting her parents together by any means necessary.

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