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BOOHOO! Prince Harry Claims He And Meghan Markle Were FORCED To Leave Royal Family And That He Wants His Security Back For Her And Their Children – OPINION

Prince Harry Security, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry doesn’t need taxpayer-funded security. He is not more important than his brother, the future king and their father, the literal King of England—Oy vey. I’ve been limiting how much I write about the Sussexes now because it’s the same BS over and over again. I don’t want Project Fangirl to be just about fact-checking the two ex-royal moochers in Montecito.

What makes Prince Harry believe he needs taxpayer-funded security? It makes no sense. Is it because his wife, little Megsy ‘I wanna be an A-list actress’ Markle, is biracial? Was it because she thinks she is more important than Catherine, the future Queen of England? Is it because Prince Harry believes he is entitled to security because his father is the monarch? Could it be because he can’t accept how his beloved mother, Princess Diana, died?

Hey, Prince Harry! You Don’t Need Security, You Dunce!

Suppose Prince Harry is reading this right now. I have one thing to say. Cry me a river, mate. I could say something else much worse, but I’m restraining myself. Stop the bloody whinging and wake the bloody hell up! Your wife is making you paranoid! Meghan Markle had one agenda: marry a rich man and pull him away from his family and friends, you know, the people who know the true him and get him to bend to her every whim.

This week, there have also been rumours about Meghan controlling Harry’s life, including sharing a phone. What wife does that? I’ve spoken about this before in the Spartan Initiative; this is coercive control. I have no issues believing this rumour. However, I have scoured Twitter and cannot find the tweet again. I couldn’t even find it on the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit forum or Markle News 1 on Instagram.

Meghan Markle Uses Coercive Control To Keep Those Around Her In Check

Coercive control is complex to spot a lot of the time. Until the Hannah Clarke case, very few people knew there was a name for this type of abuse. Meghan Markle banks on her power “as a woman” and as a “woman of colour” to get away with her horrible behaviour. We’ve all seen the photo of her “kissing” the hand of a little black girl when, if you look closer, she’s kissing her own thumb.

Meghan didn’t care about that little girl. Also, where do she and Prince Harry get off in telling the world, “we’re entitled to ‘free security’ and the world will feel guilty if something happens to us”? They cannot get it through their heads that they are NOT important, and no one cares about kidnapping the fifth in line to the throne or those below him. The nutbags will go after the higher-ups meaning the King or the heir to the throne and his children.

Also, you don’t see William and Catherine with multiple security guards. You see, maybe one security officer, and no five- or six-car motorcade is in sight. The one thing that Meghan and Harry have always believed is that their popularity would remain high. However, a plethora of opinion polls tell a very different story. Look at one on YouGov UK. Ignoring that the Edinburghs are still listed as the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Sussexes sit above Prince Andrew, who is at the bottom. Meghan is above at 13th place, while Harry is above her in 12th place. Queen Camilla is higher than them.

The True Popularity of Prince William And Princess Catherine

Meanwhile, Catherine and William are sitting pretty just under the late Queen Elizabeth II. Catherine is the most famous royal under the late Queen, followed by William. 

Moreover, none of the late Queen’s other children were given taxpayer-funded security outside Charles. Anne, Andrew and Edward do not have 24/7 security, and Princess Anne almost got kidnapped, and several people were shot. Albeit, this was long before Harry was even born. Does he know the story about his aunt? Probably, as every young royal would’ve been told the story at some point.

So, what makes Harry and Meghan so unique? Oh, right. Meghan is biracial and, therefore, the new Princess Diana. However, the more you misbehave, the more people wake up believing you’re not genuine. I want to know whether Harry knows Meghan has Backgrid on speed dial and calls the paps to snap her walking around in parking lots. Of course, he does know because he’s done it himself and has merched stuff. He can’t cry, “Oh, the paparazzi are stalking my wife, and she’s terrified,” if he’s in on it. Of course, they’d both deny calling the paps because they need to keep their “we’re victims of the world” routine. Also, his situation is nothing like his mother’s.

Princess Diana’s Security Was NOT Pulled

Diana’s security wasn’t pulled; she declined security. The night she died, she had one security guard with her, who, even to this day, only has partial memories. The Leveson Inquiry into Diana’s death concluded that her death was an accident and that she, Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul could have survived if they had been wearing seatbelts. The bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, survived because he was wearing his.

Harry just wants someone to blame and has never healed from the trauma of losing his mother, leaving many, including myself, to believe Diana’s passing has left him emotionally stunted. He will forever be a twelve-year-old boy stuck in the body of a man. When you look back at Harry’s past actions like the racist slurs, the Nazi uniform and the naked romp in Vegas, none of this behaviour would have happened if Diana were alive. Also, his marriage to Meghan would never have occurred if his mother were still around.

A Mother’s Worry Over Her Troublesome Son

Diana always said she wasn’t worried about William too much because he had his head on his shoulders. Harry was going to be a problem, and she was right. The world just didn’t know how much. It’s hard to imagine that he would give up being the most famous royal for life under a woman like Meghan Markle.

Going back to the Prince Harry security thing, he is OBSESSED with getting this aspect of his life returned to him. Why? Because he wants to show that he is as vital as William, whom he is uber jealous of. He made that incredibly clear in Spare when he whinged about getting one less sausage for breakfast as a child, only to be told, “William’s going to be king someday, so he needs an extra one.”

It has become clear in recent years that Harry is upset that his life with Meghan is the opposite of what he wanted. Meaning he wanted the same type of life William had with Catherine. It is also painfully apparent that William and Harry are opposites.

A Future King Compared To The Spare

William is the kind-hearted one who married a worthy woman and took the time to ensure she was right. Harry, meanwhile, is the paranoid troublemaker whose girlfriends ditched him because he was obsessed with the paparazzi stalking him and causing him to jump at shadows.

Harry only married Meghan as a last resort to get what he wanted: to have a wife and children. He was hoodwinked into thinking she was the reincarnation of his late mother. Not only is that super gross, but it shows how necessary a woman’s influence in Harry’s life was after his mother’s death.

While the Queen and other women were involved in Harry’s life, his mother’s presence was greatly needed more than the others as she was the one who could pull him into line when required. When Charles married Camilla, there was a slight shift. However, it didn’t last long as people were horrible to the then-future Queen and Harry and William defended their stepmother. However, now, Harry is calling her ‘the villain that sacrificed her on her PR altar.” Hmm. I wonder where this sudden narrative came from. *coughs* Meghan *coughs*

Camilla Is Not The Villain

I could go on about this, but while Diana allegedly didn’t like Camilla that much, her main target was Charles. She never blamed the other members of the royal family. Sure, she had a falling out with Fergie that never got repaired, but there is an upside. Catherine is believed to have a relatively good relationship with her stepmother-in-law.

When Camilla guest-edited a magazine, she asked Catherine, not a professional, to take the pictures, which ended up winning a major photography award. Any other woman Harry could have married would’ve put in the same effort Catherine did with Camilla. Meghan knew from the second she came across the name Camilla Parker-Bowles that she hated her. Why? Because she’s not Diana. When she got with Harry, she turned him against the woman who made his father happy. I’ve always said that Diana would’ve adored Catherine but would’ve HATED Meghan and seen her as the tramp she truly is.

Finally, Harry’s desperate bid for his security to be reinstated has nothing to do with wanting to see his family more. No, he wants to revive his status as a royal without actually doing what he was doing before.

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