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The Relationships Meghan Has Had With Men Since Marrying Harry

Meghan Markle has always had an odd relationship with men before she married Prince Harry. We’ve mentioned before that there may or may not have been an overlap between her meeting her ‘now-husband’ and her ex, Cory Vitiello. We also know she is a backward feminist and that she doesn’t care about cultural appropriation.

What we’re looking to do in this post, is explain Meghan’s relationship with men, since she and Harry got together.

Cutting All The Familial Men In Her Life Pre-Harry Out

Okay, let’s begin with the familial men in Meghan’s life pre-Harry, so these are her dad, her half-brother, her nephews and her uncles.

Thomas Markle Snr

Once Meghan got with Harry, her dad was never going to be invited to the wedding. So, she makes up some scheme (allegedly) to make Thomas Markle Senior out to be the bad guy. It is alleged that she worked with some photographer she had connections with to set her father up for “calling the paps”, which is something she does regularly.

Thomas Markle Jr

We don’t know how much contact Meghan had with her half-brother, Tom Jr, as an adult. It was Tom Jr who wrote that letter to Harry saying his little sister was a horrible person and that she shouldn’t be trusted around kids and animals. This is a sentiment that appears to be true given her dog suddenly got two broken legs and she was horrible to Princess Charlotte.

Kensington Palace allegedly questioned Meghan over her relationship with both Tom Jr and her half-sister, Samantha to which she responded that they were virtual strangers to her when this wasn’t the case.

Uncles on Both Sides Of The Family

Meghan claimed to have loved her Uncle Mike, one of the brothers of her father, Tom. This was allegedly the reason why Harry had to cut a trip short so he could return to his ‘mourning’ wife after Mike died.

Now, you might be wondering how Michael Markle links to Meghan. He was a diplomat who was able to get her place in an internship program in Argentina. However, she claims she did all the work herself when she didn’t. Not to mention, he once branded her a prima donna with a chip on her shoulder, which he predicted was the reason why his niece hates Catherine, the then-Duchess of Cambridge.

Mike was not invited to the wedding at all, yet she claims to have loved her uncle Mike. What tosh! If they were close, he would’ve been at the wedding.

Then, we have her mother’s side of the family.

Doria’s half-brother, Joseph Johnson, died a few years back and her sister-in-law said that Meghan had not reached out to her. Doria does have another brother, via her father, who is younger than Meghan.

Like with the rest of Doria and Thomas’ families, they were not invited to the wedding.


Meghan has a few nephews via Tom Jr and Samantha. Samantha’s son we don’t know anything about. But we know Tom Jr’s sons, use their mother’s last name. Meghan has never mentioned him or his brother. She hasn’t even met her great-nephew, who is the little boy of one of her nephews.

Royal Men

Meghan has made some questionable claims about some of the royal men she has met over the short time she was a royal.

Prince (now King) Charles

Meghan had to get her father-in-law on her side, so she feigned an interest in history and furniture. She has no interest in either. She did, she would’ve sat down and studied royal history with the now-king.

Prince Philip

Okay, this one really takes the cake. When Prince Philip died, Meghan claimed they were very close because they were both “outsiders.” This was a narrative that was spun to Page Six.

However, the late Duke of Edinburgh was not an outsider in the royal family. After the death of his father-in-law, King George VI, he became the patriarch of the family and was so until his own death in 2021. His staff greatly respected him and we can prove it. There is a portion of the documentary was intended for his 100th birthday where they spoke to members of his office staff and they deeply missed him.

Also, Prince Philip was not a man you wanted to mess with. The Queen was reportedly grateful that Meghan didn’t show up for the funeral. She reportedly thought Meghan was evil.

Prince William

There is a longstanding rumour that Meghan wanted to marry Prince William. If this is true, then it would explain these photos.

She actually thought William was going to kiss her in public with her husband present. On Netflix, to make Harry mad, Meghan claimed that William was the one pushing the negative headlines about them or whatever it is she was revving Harry up about.

Also, William cannot stand Meghan. Harry mentions this in Spare when William to him that Meghan is rude and abrasive to staff. William tolerated her for Harry’s sake, but behind the scenes, it was another thing altogether.

Husbands Of Female Friends

Now this one is reserved specifically for Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis, and Meghan.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia]

Some pictures came out when Meghan went to watch Serena play tennis at the US Open a few months after Archie was born. She was deeply criticised for leaving her baby behind to travel to the US for a tennis match.

The photo above is just one of a few. It was said that when she was approached by Alexis she was flirting with him, despite knowing the cameras were on her. Not to mention, this is not the first time she has flirted with someone else’s husband. She attempted to flirt with Prince William several times, but later stopped because her advances were not working. It’s apparent that she also stopped flirting with Alexis too.

Male Friends

Okay, this last point is reserved for the final men friends Meghan has held onto and yes, Harry, is friends with them too.

So, we’re talking about Markus Anderson, Daniel Martin, Misan Harriman, Jake Rosenberg and Tyler Perry.

Now, we don’t know much about these friendships outside of most of them don’t say anything. Well, Markus and Jake don’t. However, Daniel has burst into tears, Tyler has been overcritical of the royal family of whom he has never met and Misan is just… we’re not sure how to describe him. We’re not sure where Jake fits into this now. We know he told photos of Meghan, Archie and Lilibet just after American Riviera Orchard was soft-launched.

Markus last popped up at the SXSW women’s panel. Daniel Martin, we haven’t heard from in a while as he has more important clientele such as Jessica Alba. Misan Harriman popped up a million times in Nigeria as the official camera guy just slinking around in the background of other people’s photos. Then we have Tyler Perry who is oddly silent.

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