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Prince Harry And Meghan’s Backward Life

Meghan Harry backward life

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a backward life. They think they’re advocating for modern causes, but they’re actually not. One example is Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes, which centres on stereotypes that existed in the 1950s and 1960s. Another is Harry’s fight against the media. The fight was won by his brother, Prince William, a decade ago.

Then there are the cries from both the Sussexes claiming that Meghan was hounded by the paparazzi when she herself called them. There is also the whole issue where they both say there are problems where there aren’t any. An example would be Meghan trying to get into a similar field as Catherine, but from an entertainment perspective. The Sidley Twins did a video talking about Markle is attempting to use Geena Davis’ business to erase historical television mothers.

We’ll discuss a lot in this article. This situation with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and their backward lifestyle is not bad. They believe the world sits in the 20th Century and that nothing has changed.

Meghan Markle And The Backward Life: Women’s Rights Edition

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Meghan Looks Backwards, Not Forward

Okay, Meghan believes that women don’t have voices and they need to use them if they want to be noticed. Does she not read the news? America has its first-ever female vice president. Numerous women have run for president but for obvious reasons had to drop out or they didn’t win.

She believes she is still the little preteen who spoke out about the dish soap advert being sexist, which was not a single effort. It took thousands of complaints from across the United States to get that ad changed, not just one person writing in, though Meghan doesn’t see it that way. Also, Hilary Clinton never sent her a letter, as she claims. Her estranged father, Thomas Markle, even admits that he spoiled his youngest daughter as she was growing up.

Meghan’s belief that women are oppressed is backward thinking. Why? Well, look at women in Australia as an example. Women were allowed to vote in the early 1900s onwards. One of the wealthiest people in Australia is Gina Rhinehart, who happens to be a woman.

You’re Not Doing Anything Special For Women, Meghan!

There have been female CEOs for decades. The current boss of the Australian airline Qantas is a woman. Meghan believes that female bosses are a new concept that has started taking off in the last few years. If you think about it, Queen Elizabeth II was technically the boss of the Firm that Markle hates so much. Then there’s Queen Margrethe II. Before her abdication, she was the head the Danish royal family. Then we have the three Queens regnant before King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. His mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all female leaders in the world of male rulers. Willem-Alexander’s great-grandmother’s reign was just over a 100 years ago.

England also had a few female rulers long before Queen Elizabeth II. Examples are Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Mary I. These were all rules in their own right. For Meghan to even think that women are oppressed is setting female rights backward by at least 50 years.

Why? Everything Meghan is spewing has already been fixed. Women now have a bigger role in society than they did before. They can run for political roles, be medical professionals, and every other female role. There are also, wait for it, female tradespeople. Yes, you read that right. There are female builders, plumbers, tilers, mechanics, all roles are the traditionally filled by men.

Prince Harry Tries To Save Famous people From The Media

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If you thought Meghan’s backward life was terrible, wait until you see Prince Harry’s take on it. He believes that the British media is a cesspit that needs to be closed down and remodelled the way he wants, i.e. censorship. Why? Because he believes everything being said about him, Meghan, and their children is false. He also thinks there are Christmas parties at the palace for the press, which has been debunked by royal journalists.

Prince Harry Still Lives In The 90s

Prince Harry’s backward life, much like Meghan’s, revolves around fighting something that has already been corrected. In his case, he’s constantly attacking the media, attempting to get his version of events across. However, like his wife, he has a habit of changing his story when he has stated different things on camera before.

For example, he did a whole video with William and his sister-in-law, Catherine, about mental health and how therapy has helped him overcome some of his demons. However, on Oprah, he changed the story entirely and stated no one talked about mental health in his family. Harry’s claim is debunkable. Multiple members of the royal family have been to therapy. A 2021 Elle magazine article reveals several royals who have sought help.

These include:

  • Princess Diana
  • King Charles
  • Princess Catherine
  • Prince William
  • Princess Margaret

James Middleton, Catherine’s younger brother, is mentioned on the list as he has had therapy, too, but he is not a royal.

Harry’s Backward Life Is Equally As Extreme As Meghan’s

Harry’s claim that no one in his family has gotten therapy shows how uneducated or ignorant he is about his familial history. This also showed in Spare when he claimed that the founder of Eton College, King Henry VI, was his so-many great-grandfather. This was incorrect because King Henry VI’s only child, his son, died without heirs and was only a teenager at the time of his death. One historian even pointed out that a six-time great grandfather only goes back 8 generations. Henry VI lived and died in the 15 Century.

Harry’s battle with the media mirrors what his brother, Prince William, did in the early 2010s. However, it is because of the Prince of Wales’ court showdown with the News of the World newspaper that the rules changed. Also, before this, the rules about paparazzi photos being printed in newspapers were changed upon Diana’s 1997 death, as per TIME.

Prince William Paved The Way For Changes In The Press

William sued News of the World because he and Catherine had been hacked almost two hundred in total. Meanwhile, Harry was hacked like his brother and future sister-in-law, but not as many times. Harry is now fighting the same battle, which is unnecessary as it has been fought and won. Rebecca English explained in a recent episode of Palace Confidential that the UK press is heavily regulated.

Yet, Harry is currently in court fighting the press for hacking that happened a decade or more ago. He also claims that Meghan was chased by the paps when there is no proof that she was. The only pictures that imply this are these ones:

However, these images were taken by a journalist after Meghan kept walking back and forth in front of the Daily Mail office, and he felt sorry for her. It later came out that she would stage her own pap shots when she was an unknown actress on Suits.

Another example is the one of her coming out of a shop in Montecito during the pandemic, and there was a shadow of the paparazzo in the shot.

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Harry Examples

Other signs include:

  • smiling and engaging with the photographers
  • posing for the camera
  • clear pictures

Does Harry know his wife is ringing the photogs? Of course, he does. He’s guilty of contacting them, too. Does anyone remember this picture?

Meghan Harry backward lives
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Look at the reflection of the car behind Harry. Someone is taking a picture of him. This is not the first time this has happened. There have been reflections in the bumpers of cars that have been driven by Harry, Meghan or someone close to them.

There are a ton of other examples of this. Harry is trying to say that he and Meghan are being hounded when they’re the ones calling the paps on themselves.

The Paparazzi Don’t Hunt Hollywood For Celebrities Or Dead-End Royals

Paparazzi is now a very different ball game from what Catherine faced in the early 2000s. However, in the backward life that Harry and Meghan are in right now, they’re trying to say that they’re the new Princess Diana. Anyone who has followed royals or Hollywood for a while will know that the 2000s were a different era of paparazzi to what it is now.

Paparazzi used to stake out celebrity homes. This is what they did with Catherine, which is why Brittney Spears broke down and was put under her conservatorship.

As Rebecca English stated in Britain, paparazzi pictures are not published in the UK media. It’s evident that the picture of Catherine and her mother, Carole Middleton, coming back from school was not published, but they were mentioned in the press.

Meghan is obsessed with being hounded, as she was never able to get press attention before she got with Harry. Why else would she smile and pose for the cameras? She’s not scared of the paps. She thrives off the attention because it makes her feel she has achieved something when she actually hasn’t.

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