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Megxiteers Fight Back And The Sussex Squad Begin Turning On Each Other

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The Sussex Squad claims that Megxiteers are coordinated – Nothing is more pleasant than watching your enemies fight amongst themselves. While we don’t watch the Sussex Squad as we have better things to do, we’ve seen videos from people within the Megxiteer community who’re monitoring the situation. We’ve also seen screenshots across Twitter.

What makes it so satisfying to see the Sussex Squad turn on each other is their attention has turned from those of us truthseekers. These people are like hyenas fighting over the last scrap of meat. When something within their group isn’t going to plan, they’ll blame someone else. We knew this infighting was going to happen. It’s not the first time, and it will not be the last.

So, the DuchAss of Montshitshow did an amazing video where she spoke about how the Sussex Squad were turning on Ellie Hall, the BuzzFeed journalist who wrote the hit piece of Yankee Wally and Samantha Markle. Be sure to go over and watch the video because it is an absolute delight. Also, be sure to check out one of our favourites, the Duchess of Narsussex, who did a video on Ellie Hall’s journalistic ethics.

Bot Man Has Receipts For Once, And Only One Person Defends Hall

We think DuchAss of Monteshitshow mentioned this in her video, but it appears that the fraudster bot man has provided receipts to debunk Ellie Hall’s lies. She has allegedly claimed she had not been in contact with Christopher Bouzy in months. According to his screenshots of their conversations, the last time they spoke was last month. Oh, and he’s pissed because she is getting the credit for shutting down Yankee Wally and not using him and his company as a source.

Not to mention, Hall was trying to hide that she hadn’t used Bot Sentinel as a source for her story.

So, to make it worse, a young woman named Amanda, a massive Sussex Squad member, has defended Ellie Hall. This has not gone too well with the Sussex fanbase. They’re also whining that she [Hall] couldn’t be trusted because she’s a white woman. If they’d gotten a black journalist to do their dirty work, they wouldn’t be fighting amongst themselves.

When Megxiteers Fight Back

Upon word of Yankee Wally’s YouTube channel being shut down, some jumped on and started a petition. As of writing, the petition has over 2k signatures. Also, SueMe and KeepNYCMegaTrashFree started a campaign to help fund legal costs for any YouTuber within the Megxiteer community who might get sued by the Sussexes. Be sure to check them out!

Finally, we want to give a shoutout to our friend Sue Smith who has had her YouTube channel terminated. We’ll have a post up about this soon.

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