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Why Neville Longbottom Is The Truest Gryffindor

Neville, Gryffindor

For a boy who owned a toad named Trevor and showed limited magical abilities in his youth, Neville Longbottom is a truer Gryffindor than his famous classmates, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

Born to Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom on July 30, the day before Harry Potter entered the world on July 31, Neville would have a childhood similar to Harry, but he would be more loved as he lived with his grandmother, Augusta and had family who genuinely cared about him. Harry never had this growing up, but he became a good guy.

Neville And His Magical Family Roots

Neville always knew of his magical roots. His parents were purebloods, meaning he came from a long line of pureblooded folk on both sides. However, his magical abilities came much later than they did with many magical children. His grandmother feared he was a squib, a non-magical person born to magical parents.

However, after he was tossed out a window by his great-uncle Algie, Neville bounced back, revealing he was magical.

First Year At Hogwarts

Neville’s time at Hogwarts didn’t start great. He was a constant target for bullies, Trevor the toad kept disappearing on him, and he was jinxed by Hermione when she and the boys snuck out to find the Philosopher’s Stone.

At the end of the year of the feast in his first year, Dumbledore gave Neville 10 points to help Gryffindor win the house cup for the first time in seven years. He was considered a hero by his fellow Gryffindor students.

Dumbledore didn’t just give Neville the points out of the generosity of his heart. He could see that Longbottom stood up to his friends when they tried to sneak out of the Gryffindor Common Room after hours.

During this moment, Neville came out of his shyness just a little bit and showed that he could be brave.

The Next Few Years

Neville comes out of himself more as the years progress. He finds a passion for Herbology and would become close to the subject’s teacher, Pomona Sprout. He later became the Herbology professor when Sprout retired many years later.

What makes Neville a true Gryffindor is his ability to look past his imperfections. In Order of the Phoenix, he struggles to learn the spells Harry teaches during the training sessions with Dumbledore’s Army.

However, in the lead-up to the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville, Luna Lovegood, and Ginny Weasley become defacto leaders of the DA while Harry, Ron and Hermione are off looking for the Horcruxes.

Also, during the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort invites Neville to join him only to receive this response:

I’ll join you when hell freezes over!

Neville Longbottom – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is one of the best Neville quotes in the book series.

This is when the Sword of Gryffindor shows up. It was established in the Chamber of Secrets that only a true Gryffindor can pull the sword from the sorting hat. This was why Harry was able to do it during the Chamber of Secrets because he, much like Neville, acted like a true Gryffindor would.

What’s more, Neville has done more for Gryffindor House than Harry, Ron, or Hermione did.

Head of Gryffindor House

When Harry, Ron and Hermione’s children entered Hogwarts, Neville was the head of Gryffindor House. Minerva McGonagall was the headmistress. Neville was still close with the families. He was the godfather of Albus Potter, Harry and Ginny’s youngest son, who would be sorted in Slytherin.

James and Lily, Harry and Ginny’s eldest son and daughter and Rose, Hermione and Ron’s daughter, were sorted into Gryffindor. Moreover, this made their family friend head of their house.

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