Shemar Moore Is A Prime Example Of Why Race Was Not A Factor In Why Meghan Markle Failed In Hollywood


Raise your hands if you think Meghan Markle is talented. If this were pitched to a live audience, eggs would be thrown. Now, the same question, but replace the Duchess of Sussex with Shemar Moore. You might be wondering why how these two go together. They wouldn’t usually, but they do share one common trait. They are both mixed-race.

Shemar’s parents were a mixed-race couple, which was frowned upon in the 70s. His father, Sherrod Moore, was African-American, while his mother, Marilyn Wilson, was caucasian. Many people know that Meghan has a black mother in Doria Ragland and a white father in Thomas Markle.

Now you might be wondering why any of this is relevant. Well, Shemar is insanely talented. He’s a model, and he is an uber-successful Emmy-award-winning actor. Yes, you read that right. Meghan has never been nominated for any award that has ever mattered. The People’s Choice Award she “won” for Archetypes doesn’t count because it is chosen by the people or bought, depending on your opinion.

Race Doesn’t Matter In Hollywood

Meghan has repeatedly claimed that being biracial is why she was never cast in Hollywood. According to the Independent, Markle is quoted as saying:

I wasn’t black enough for the black role and I wasn’t white enough for the white roles.

Meghan Markle

Here at Project Fangirl, we have spoken multiple times about how Meghan’s race had nothing to do with her not getting prominent Hollywood roles. There are plenty of mixed-race actors in Tinseltown who are talented. Zendaya, who, like Shemar, is an Emmy Award winner, has a white mother and a black father. Then, we have Zoë Kravitz, second-generation biracial, as her parents, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, are both biracial.

While some will say it was Meghan’s experience in Hollywood, has anyone thought that perhaps her attitude and lack of talent failed to earn her parts? Suits was a cable show that few people knew about unless they had cable and watched the USA Network.

Shemar has gone from soap opera actor, which is how he achieved his Emmy, to big-screen actor. He has appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and was in the Tyler Perry-produced and written film, Diary of Mad Black Woman in supporting but sufficient roles.

All Meghan ever appeared in was bit roles in Remember Me and Horrible Bosses, where she appeared on screen for less than two minutes in each.

Shemar Doesn’t Complain About Being Mixed Race

Shemar has always embraced being mixed-raced. He was raised by his mother, as per Amo Mama, after his father left, though he always knew who he was. He also has half-siblings from his father. Shemar also gave a shoutout to one of his brothers on Twitter in 2012.

He also spoke about how his parents got together when interracial relationships were frowned upon. Shemar had a limited relationship with his dad but admitted he wouldn’t be alive without him.

Meghan, however, had a close relationship with her dad until 2018, when he took pap shots in the lead-up to the wedding. Then, she disowned him while he was lying in a hospital bed after suffering a near-fatal heart attack. What is so incredibly frustrating is that she has been doing pap shots herself, and it’s okay for her, but not her dad. Double standards, much?

In all, Shemar Moore is an extraordinary talent, regardless of his skin colour. Unfortunately, Meghan Markle fails to see she has zero talent.

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