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Who Is The Green Lantern, John Stewart?

John Stewart, Green Lantern

John Stewart is a Green Lantern we know the name of, but who is he? Introduced into DC Comics in 1971, the character became one of the few African-American characters to appear in the earlier days of DC.

Like every Green Lantern, John Stewart wears the same power ring. He has often been partnered with fellow Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Guy Gardner. Stewart was also a lead character in the animated series Justice League Unlimited. There have been other versions of the character, too, including making him the brother of Lynn Stewart Pierce, the ex-wife of Black Lightning in Young Justice.

Even John Diggle, a longtime friend of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, in Arrow, is a variation of the Stewart Lantern. Diggle’s stepfather was Roy Stewart but refuses to use his stepdad’s last name. He also rejected the power ring gifted to him in the series finale.

Before we jump into this post, this is just a brief rundown of the John Stewart Green Lantern. If you want to see the full history of the character, please use the link above, as it will take you to the Wikipedia page.

Early Comics Life – Green Lantern: John Stewart

John Stewart started out his comics story as an architect, and his career choice was later retconned to United States Marine. He was chosen by the guardians as a substitute for both famed Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.

Stewart was selected after Gardner was injured in a hit-and-run. Hal and John did not get along in the beginning. Their first assignment together was to protect a politician with racist views.

John took it upon himself to embarrass Hal while on the assignment.

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