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Why We Love The Harley Quinn Version Of King Shark!

King Shark

Harley Quinn shows us a new side of certain DC villains we’re meant to hate. One of those enemies is King Shark who we’ve come to adore since his introduction in Season 1.

Harley Quinn has showed its audience that there’s two sides to every story when it comes to its villains. One that stands out to us is the tech savvy King Shark who was introduced in the episode ‘Finding Mr. Right’ as a friend of Clayface. Throughout the series, he has become a vital part of Harley’s crew.

Despite having a bipolar personality, King Shark is kind hearted and will do anything to help his friends. Just don’t insult him by using the term ‘fishy’ or use blood. He’ll go crazy. When it comes to his friends, he’s loyal, but does not like being double crossed.

What we love about King Shark is he is one of only members of Harley’s crew who doesn’t do a lot of swearing. The second is Clayface. When he goes crazy, he goes off his banana in ways you’d never expect. His friends value his input and enjoys a good bloodbath and loves a shark joke as it finds funny.

King Shark shows us that you can be both good and bad and not be classified as a hero or villain. What makes him awesome is how he will team up with his fellow ‘henchmen’ and not complain about it in the way Doctor Psycho does.

He is also not afraid to stand up to Harley and calls her out when she is wrong. One example of this is when she is caught kissing Joker on the news and the crew becomes sick of her lies. They tell her they’ve warned her about her ex but she won’t listen.

King Shark, like Psycho, Ivy, and Clayface cuts ties with her but is he’s unable to leave the room given his injuries.

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