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Meghan Markle Is An Embarrassment And A Disgrace To Invictus – OPINION

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Meghan Markle is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the Invictus Games. There. I said it. I was going to ignore this whole thing, but it’s in our faces so much that I had to say something about it. This year’s Invictus Games in Germany is an embarrassment.

The constant media games that Meghan’s embarrassment plays are enough to make one’s brain hurt. Also, Prince Harry made the Heart of Invictus about himself and grievances that never existed. It failed to break Netflix’s Top 10 as people were uninterested in his lies. Seriously, he needs to get his head examined. So does his wife.

Meghan Markle Knows Nothing Of Kindness Or How To Dress For Charity Events

Anyway, let’s not talk about Harry. We all know how much of a disgrace he has turned into. Meghan Markle wouldn’t know service, sacrifice and family, even if it hit her between eyes. All the recent Invictus Games coverage is about Meghan and her “kindness” and, of course, her costly wardrobe. No big surprises there. To get on the plane to fly to Germany, her outfit was worth $40k, as per Page six. Last year’s Invictus outfits, in total, were over $60k. The Daily Mail reported that she was wearing an estimated $200k worth of clothing and jewellery in ONE DAY! That’s four times what the veterans earned in one year with a fixed income, which is nowhere close to what was spent on Megsy’s clothing.

Moreover, this also means that she has not learned her lesson about thrifty shopping. Just because she wears J.Crew and a few cheap pieces under $100 doesn’t mean she’s like Catherine, who is well-known for buying inexpensive jewellery and clothing and making it look good.

Give The Girl An Iron And Exploiting Black People

Meghan doesn’t know that there is an iron or a service known as tailoring. Also, wearing something a second time doesn’t mean you’re thrifty. Catherine is well-known for re-wearing her clothing and reinventing it. Markle usually wears something once and discards it.

Moreover, Meghan Markle is exploiting the Nigerian people, and I don’t see that word lightly. For those who need a refresher, she claimed during her Archetypes podcast that she was 43% Nigerian. She lied to her Nigerian-American guest, Ziwe’s face, and she fell for it like the media was gushing about it during the Invictus Games.

This is no different to her building her life with Harry to the same “narrative” as his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales and her need to “relate” to A-list celebrities. There was one story that has come out of the Invictus Games where Meghan claimed to have a “Nigerian sister” in one of the female competitors, metaphorically speaking. It is disturbing how people can be so dense and “accept” her as one of their own when she has never acknowledged these roots.

Faking Heritage

What I mean here is that if she were so fascinated by her family tree, she would have spoken more about it long before she claimed to Rachael Ray that she was Maltese. In his book Revenge, Tom Bower confirmed many stories where he said many of her college classmates thought she was Hispanic or Italian. She allegedly never corrected them as she loved the attention.

Not to mention, Meghan completely ignored a member of the Sussex Squad who was caught behind the camera saying, “Meghan! The Sussex Squad is here!” I have two thoughts on this. The first is that Meghan knew they were there but chose to ignore them to make it look like she didn’t know who they were when she did. Point number two is that the Squaddies have outlived their purpose.

Disgrace And True Racist

The Royal Grift did an excellent video where she spoke about how Meghan is an actual racist as she joined a white sorority at Northwestern rather than a black one. She kissed her own thumb when kissing the back of a little black girl’s hand. She even failed to hug a black woman during an engagement. Yet, she thinks her in-laws are racist, purely because they didn’t like her? Give me a break! The royal family serves MILLIONS of black people within the Commonwealth, which, despite what the Sussexes and their lackeys of “experts” said in the Netflix whinge fest, Harry & Meghan, is mainly black people.

Meghan is leading the charge and telling Harry to hate his family because they didn’t accept her. Yet, she said, “I love grandmothers!”

Meghan Markle Did Not Love The Queen!

If she loved The Queen, she would have been more respectful to her, not thrown her and her entire legacy under the bus, and called the Commonwealth “the British Empire 2.0.”

When the Queen came to the throne, the British Empire started reforming. Her mother, The Queen Mother, was the last Empress-Queen of India. Meghan Markle, nor Prince Harry have the brain capacity to respect anything that came before them. That might seem harsh, but I’ve gotten to the point of not caring.

Harry’s reputation will always be as the spare. He can do nothing about it, regardless if he talks about his frozen todger. It’s not like he’s ever going to be king. The Brits would rather have a republic than see him on the throne with Meghan as his queen. We know the rumour that Meghan allegedly said, “We’re one plane crash away from the throne.”

I could go on forever about these two being obsessed with self-interest, but why would I do that when I have better things to discuss? Harry is unlike King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is more relatable than him. Harry is the same lone figure who walked into his father’s coronation. His wife’s absence and inability to cope with being the Duchess of Disgrace spoke volumes that day. Meghan is an embarrassment to herself because she cannot help showing off and making it look like she is more important anyone else.

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