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Meghan’s Race Narrative Doesn’t Wash Anymore, Sorry. Oh, Wait. It Never Did. – OPINION

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It’s no secret that Meghan Markle uses a race narrative to get people to sympathise with her. However, over time it has gotten to where people do not care. Why? She uses being biracial to her advantage to throw racism accusations at everyone who disagrees with her. Not to mention, she darkens her skin with a fake tan when it suits her.

Meghan is one of those baiters who will do anything to remain relevant. Having a particular race narrative in place is a good strategy if most of those criticising you are caucasian. However, it doesn’t work when one of your business ventures sells skin-whitening products. Remember when the Sussexes signed a deal with Procter and Gamble?

Meghan The Child Activist That Didn’t Do Anything

If that brand sounds familiar, it’s the same one that Meghan “challenged” as an 11-year-old. I’ve said countless times, as have a ton of people, that she did NOT singlehandedly get that stupid liquid soap advert changed. P & G had thousands of complaints, yet she still believes that she created change on her own as a middle-aged woman.

Moreover, this shows the delusion that Meghan suffers from, and it’s sad. She could have gone so far but couldn’t move past her self-interests. This ultimately pushes into her race narrative or now lack thereof. Here’s the thing. Her constant spray tanning to make herself look blacker than she is showing her inability to accept that she is half-white. Also, why must she drag her mother out whenever she needs to remind people that she’s biracial? Doria’s dig at Thomas in the docuseries shows how indoctrinated she is with her daughter’s quest to play the victim.

Also, Doria should consider herself lucky. She got to walk on the arm of the then-future king on her daughter’s wedding day alongside his wife. So, her saying Meghan was abused by the royals shows she’s very much in on the race narrative.

Doria Doesn’t Make Meghan’s Race Narrative Appealling

Once upon a time, I thought Doria was awesome. Now, I see her as being as bad as her daughter. Meghan’s bad behaviour wasn’t taught to her by her father. The little time her mother spent with her is evident, and Meghan is doing everything humanly possible to make it look like she has a great relationship with her mum.

That could explain why she thanked her mother for raising her amongst the supposed black women in their neighbourhood. However, Tom Bower debunked this in his book Revenge, where he confirmed that Meghan was raised by Thomas and never considered herself black until it became convenient.

Does anyone think Meghan cared about her black heritage when she was young? No. As repeatedly said by multiple well-known sources, she grew up in a white neighbourhood. Also, race wasn’t a problem when she was at school. She never spoke up about race issues before she got with Harry. There is no record of it.

Archie Is White, Folks!

Also, the Sussex Squad see Archie as the next coming of Jesus. The kid as white as they come. Yes, he has black blood, but did Meghan and Harry look at mixed-raced famous people to see what it means to have black heritage? No. As mentioned, Markle is only a “woman of colour” when it suits her agenda. That’s why we get photos like this one.

billion, fashion
[Credit: Entertainment Tonight]

Meghan’s overuse of the spray tan and the ill-fitting dress, which the Netflix series reveals was fitted, makes it evident that she is insecure as a woman of colour. She switches between ethnicities so often that it has become natural for her. Most of the time, she’s probably not conscious that she’s doing it. Oh, and that’s not me defending her. I want to stress that the more the press calls out her race narrative, the more the public realises that she’s not a role model to anyone.

Even The Woke Leader Of BLM Britain Is Calling Meghan Out

Let’s not forget that black people have called her out. Even the head of BLM in Britain, who is notoriously woke, has called Meghan and Harry out. Now that’s something. As a white woman, some may think I have no right to talk about this topic because I’m “privileged” because of my skin colour. Here’s the thing. I’m not more privileged than anyone else. I was put on this Earth for a reason, just like everyone else. I’m not special. Neither is Meghan Markle. Her race narrative. Means. Nothing.

If anything, she hinders the voices of people of colour who face racism. I do not believe that Meghan faced racism. If anything, she is racist, like her dumb husband, towards white people. Just my five cents. She should talk to biracial people to understand what it’s like. Perhaps start with Jordan Peele, filmmaker extraordinaire, who is mixed race. Don’t believe it? Check out this CNN Analysis. Oh, and let’s not forget all of Meghan’s public partners have been white.

In conclusion, people have given up on the Sussexes. Only their harpies, Ellie Hall, the Sussex Squad, and the frequently hung-out-to-dry Omid Scobie, seem to care. Jack Royston is now on and off the fence. He’s woken up to their crap but still sides with them sometimes.

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