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Meghan Markle Allegedly STOLE Someone Else’s Racism Story

Meghan Markle has been making racism claims against her royal in-laws and the UK media for years. But after an accidental discovery, it would seem her allegations were stolen from someone else. For those who mightn’t know, as per Page Six, the former actress told Allison P. Davis of The Cut that the British press called her children the N-word.

Just a quick side note, Page Six claims that the UK press readers called Archie and Lilibet the N-word. If this were the case, it would’ve been all over the news.

Meghan Markle Racism Claim: Likely Stolen

Here’s the thing. Every country has racism and Meghan should know this as she grew up and lives in the United States, which was known for its segregation in the early to mid 20th Century. It’s not like racism is a new concept.

We were researching something else when we came across an old article from The Guardian dating back to 2001. It is alleged that a black woman who worked for Highgrove at the time was called the N-word by the then-Prince of Wales’s valet. She then quit her position, claiming she was forced out.

Now, anyone who knows how the media works, most media outlets don’t brush racism under the rug. If people were racist they would’ve been fired. It doesn’t matter where the media is located. Anyone who uses the N-word against anyone, regardless of their social status needs to be fired from their job.

Meghan’s Allegedly Plagiarism And Battle Of The Employees

Given everything that has come out about Meghan’s behaviour, it would not be too far out of reach that her claim of racism against The King and the Princess of Wales was stolen from someone else. After all, she stole someone else’s miscarriage story. Also, it’s possible that she wanted to pull her father-in-law in because of what happened with the lady who quit her job in 2001 at Highgrove.

We do have to stress that the King (then the Prince of Wales) had nothing to do with what was said. It was one of his employees who had been racist. We’ve chosen not to name anyone in this post, because we would like you to go to the sources we have provided to read the full story. The valet who was accused would later be caught in the Cash for Honours scandal.

Returning to the 2001 racism claim, the woman went to the personnel who said she had to have a witness. Also, she didn’t launch a complaint because Charles ‘adored’ the valet and he wouldn’t believe what was being said.

1990s vs. 2020s

Now, this is just one person’s claim. Though, the woman, at the time of her employment in 1991, was one of three black staff members of 80 employees. The 1990s and early 2000s is very different from what would happen now. If the inclusivity were low now, there would be a collective uproar of “the palace is racist and sexist for not employing more black people and women.” Notwithstanding, the woman also claimed that she was a victim of sexual discrimination and the staff “were old school” and had a dislike of black people. In any case, racism and sexism is never okay.

It goes further. The woman said she was summoned to a meeting where she was told she was not hitting her working quota of how many hours she was putting in. She thought she was being bullied because she was black. However, she ended up losing her discrimination case. An employment tribunal ruled she had NOT been forced from her job as she claimed.

Would it be extreme to think that Meghan did her research on past black employees of the royal family and used this story to her advantage? No. She likely squirrelled away information to use later. She did admit she found journals she had left at Frogmore. Perhaps this was something in her Guide of How to Bring Down The Monarchy.

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