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The 1% Club: Those Who Thought They Could Get Away With Dodginess

1% club

What do Donald Trump, Lisa Wilkinson, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Jussie Smollett all have in common? They’re part of the 1% club, a bunch of wealthy, privileged and entitled individuals who think they’re above the law. One is a former American president who is now looking at a potential 400 years in prison. The second is an Australian journalist claiming to be a champion for women while jumping on the story that has ruined her career.

People two and three are a prince and his narcissistic biracial wife who play victims and use a series of cards to get what they want. Finally, our last person is a gay black man who thought concocting a homophobic, racist hate crime against himself would be a good idea to get a pay rise and sympathy. We’ll also be touching on other celebrities who have been caught up in scandals in recent months.

Many of the things these members of the 1% club have done were in the name of politics to settle scores. While some did it because they were greedy and wanted fame, attention and money, others did it due to the woke backlash there would be if they were ever questioned. In today’s society, regular civilians cannot do anything without being called out for having an opinion.

Being In The 1% Club Is Bad!

Do these 1%ers not realise that sensible people will dig into their claims and then come up with the truth that would be deemed “fake news” or “misinformation”? This is a massive issue because these people can have a platform and spread their mistruths as fact. They need to be stopped, but their supporters would deem this as a prevention of “their truth.”

The Facilitator Of Fake News And Stealer Of Classified Documents  – Donald Trump

Let’s begin with an easy one. Donald Trump is a menace in the United States. Not only has his family been part of the 1% club for decades, he doesn’t take personal accountability for anything. he has been claiming that the 2021 presidential election was rigged in favour of Joe Biden.

He was also accused of sexual assault multiple times by different women and was found to have taken confidential documents from the White House. Yet, he thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong and is running for his second term in office. Then, his devout followers are interviewed for the nightly news, and they say they will stand with him and that everything put out by the press is “fake news.”

Here’s the thing. Trump is one of these people who could tell his followers that the sky is red, and they’d believe it. He can blame the current administration all he wants, but the evidence keeps piling up, and there’s no stopping it. Also, his lawyers keep quitting on him as they don’t want to be caught destroying evidence and then losing the credentials that allow them to practice law.

There are many questions that the public and, therefore, the world needs to know. How did Trump and his minions get their hands on these documents? Why did they take them and keep them at Mar-a-Lago?

There Is No Way To Get Trump To Look Good

Trump only thinks he can get out of trouble because he’s a white, wealthy man with much influence. However, this doesn’t mean anything to those who see through his lies, deceit and everything else he has done in the past. Also, one of his detractors in the States called him a “con artist” on Australian television during a news report.

Essentially, that’s what Trump is, a con artist who is now denying he’s the reason why anything is happening to him. It’s no wonder his eldest daughter and son-in-law jumped ship when they did.

The Woman Who Hit A Career High And Then Crashed And Burned – Lisa Wilkinson

Moving over to Australian journalism, we’ve spoken about Lisa Wilkinson and how we can no longer support her. She worked to the top after being a “no one from Campbelltown.” Now, she has officially denounced her hometown as holding her back as she has been living with her Republican-loving husband, Peter FitzSimons, in a multimillion-dollar house in one of the wealthiest parts of Sydney.

Lisa’s massive career-high career came when she scored the interview of a lifetime; Brittany Higgins, an alleged rape survivor, was speaking out about her ordeal. Wilkinson and Higgins’ reputations have been tainted as things no longer add up. Audio recordings have since been released from a five-hour lunch where they took digs at politicians they didn’t like and flaunted they knew famous people, even dropping names, like Natalie Portman.

Whatever Happened To Being Professional?

Any professional at any event, meal, etc., with an interview subject would know there is every chance of getting caught out if something inappropriate is said. Also, politics in any country can be messy. Scandals within politics in any country are pretty standard, but it doesn’t make it any right.

Lisa had a stellar career where she mentored some of Australia’s most recognisable female magazine editors, including Mia Freedman and Deborah Thomas. Then, she threw it away for television and became one of the biggest names on morning television, becoming one of the prominent faces for Channel 9’s Today Show. She also co-anchored The Project. She later quit and hasn’t had a media job since.

Her primary focus has been the Brittany Higgins case and trying to keep her reputation intact. Let’s not forget that she is worth millions. So is her husband, who is also worth a million or two. They’ve never had to worry about money, which places them in the 1% club alongside Trump.

The Couple Who Love To Sue Everyone – Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are normal subjects on Project Fangirl for anyone new to the site. The pair are a part of the 1% club because they’re rich and love suing everybody whenever they feel slighted for something being said about them in the media.

They also go around flaunting their privilege by taking private jets and telling the world that it’s for “the safety and privacy of their family”, but then preach that every person who flies is terrible when a private jet uses more carbon than a normal plane. The list goes on, and the drama is neverending.

The Couple Who Wants The Money For Free – No Wonder They’re In The 1% Club

They only do a little for a couple that needs to advertise and be praised for everything they supposedly do. They are trying to force the narrative that they’re humanitarians down everyone’s throats. Moreover, they cannot accept that people will have opinions about them based on their actions.

Harry was once a beloved royal family member who was even more popular than his now-late grandmother. When Meghan “tripped and fell into his life”, people started to turn against him because of his and his wife’s actions. No one cared if Meghan was half-black. However, they use the racism card as frequently as they use Princess Diana and victimisation cards.

No Crown For The Queen Of The 1% Club

Meghan’s goal was to sit on the British throne as Queen. When she realised she wouldn’t get higher than a duchess; she thought getting people to hate the royals would get her and Harry higher. However, she fails to realise that the people love the family. She and Harry (by extension) are trying to bring down and will defend the royals over them.

The world is seeing through the constant pushing of the blame onto others cards. People see through the lies she and Harry have been telling. This includes the overinflation of their claims. One example is the recent “near cataphoric” two-hour car chase through Manhattan.

Not even the mayor of New York believed it. Even if you haven’t been to New York, everyone knows it’s impossible to reach the speed limit. Many Americans have said it’s impossible to have a two-hour chase, let alone the paparazzi.

The Gay Black Man Who Thought Pulling A Hate Crime Hoax On Himself Was A Good Idea – Jussie Smollett

Our next subject is a black man who is gay and thought faking a hate crime was a good idea to boost his image and get him more money. We’re talking about Jussie Smollett, a recurring actor in the series Empire. The reason he’s in the 1% club is because he used his race and sexuality to get himself noticed.

For a while, it worked; however, when the Chicago police stepped in, they discovered that it was a hoax. Smollett claimed that he was attacked by two white men yelling homophobic slurs. They allegedly put a noose around his neck and were wearing MAGA hats.

When A Plan Goes Up In Flames – Easiest Entry To The 1% Club Ever!

It was discovered that Smollett set up the whole hoax with the help of two black extras from the Empire. They revealed everything, though Jussie maintains his innocence. Now, his career is in the toilet, and people dislike him. He uses the two things, that he’s black and gay, as he knows certain people will back him. After all, it’s a changing cultural change and is almost considered a bandwagon. If someone doesn’t jump on it, they’re considered horrible.

There is a reason why Meghan Markle has been compared to Jussie. They’ve both created fake assaults to make themselves look better, only to be busted. This is also why Smollett is in the 1% club. As an actor, he has more privilege than most people would.

When Actors Deny They’ve Done Something Horrible  – Various

The last part of this article we wanted to address was the 1% club exclusive to actors who believe they can get away with sexual assault and battery. The reason this is being bought up is due to the sudden influx of actors who have been accused of inappropriate conduct on or off-set.

In the last few months, two rising actors, Jonathan Majors and Tenoch Huerta, were accused of assault. This goes hand-in-hand with accusations from a few years ago where Jeremy Renner’s ex-wife accused him of threatening to harm himself and abusing their daughter. Jeremy made his statement accusing his ex-wife of a mountain of things, and the situation was quickly cleared up. Mind you; this was just before Hawkeye started production. Then, there were the accusations against Mohan Kapur, the actor behind Ms Marvel’s father, Yusuf Khan, allegedly being inappropriate towards minors.

The Denials

Majors and Tenoch both issued statements denying any wrongdoing. Jonathan has been accused of domestic abuse by his girlfriend, and the story has just unravelled. He has even gone on to accuse her of the same thing. Meanwhile, Tenoch denied wrongdoing when Maria Elena Ríos accused him of inappropriately touching her.

Whether or not this happened, we don’t know, but if it did, their accusers have every right to call them out for what they did. However, it is entirely possible that they’d use their ethnicities, religion, their gender, or whatever it might be to get out of the bind they’re in.

In conclusion, this is not about accusing anyone of wrongdoing. It highlights how the 1% club will do anything to get themselves out of trouble. It has nothing to do with race, gender, sexuality, or what you look like. If anything, it only highlights how people will use the issues of the moment to get away with whatever they want because they will be defended for x, y or z reason.

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