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You Don’t Need To Be Black To Mourn Tina Turner – OPINION


If there is one thing I hate, it’s race baiters. That’s what Doctor “Shouty Shola” is. She has an intense hatred for white people, which is no secret. She does everything in her power to throw her weight around. As a Caucasian woman, I find her comments offensive and highly racist. Shola doesn’t speak for all black people. Numerous people of colour have been vocal about their disdain for her. Megxiteer Evans Einstein tweeted a screenshot from an article allegedly written by Shola in the Guardian. However, after some searching, I found that the screenshot I had discovered was faked. Centerview on Twitter confirmed it. However, it does bring up a good talking point. The false piece provides an interesting talking point about the late Tina Turner.

While Shola might not have written the article, you do NOT need to be black to mourn a legend like Tina Turner. I was raised on Tina’s music. I even remember when she did a song for the Disney movie Brother Bear. She was an extraordinary talent who suffered horrible abuse from her ex-husband, Ike Turner. She found love in her second husband, Erwin Bach.

Just because Tina was black doesn’t mean Caucasian people can’t mourn her. If the article is fake, whoever created it masterfully recreated Shola’s soulless race-baiting. However, it does encapsulate that there are people out there thinking this. Moreover, this is the same one-sided argument. This comes from those who say people of colour cannot be racist.

Since I started reporting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex six years ago, I have encountered people of colour who are racist towards Caucasians. Anyone following Project Fangirl will be aware that it is my passion to expose those, regardless of skin colour, who are trying to spread misinformation.

I was not raised to be racist. One of my dearest friends is of Asian descent. My former childhood best friend was black. It is a form of division to tell someone they cannot mourn someone who is not the same colour as they are. People should be free to grieve who they want.

Also, Shola is well-known for shouting about nothing. She cries racism when there aren’t any and when people call her out. That is the whole point of having an opinion. Shola has no clue what it’s like to be racially vilified. She is the granddaughter of a Nigerian prince and her ancestor enslaved people. Yes, that is right. Black people enslaved people, so for her to cry that the royal family or any white family has to pay reparations is just stupid. Does she not know that Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, apologised for slavery and the UK finished paying reparations almost a decade ago?

Not to mention, the United Kingdom ended its slave trade long before the United States did. So, for Shola to scream that the UK needs to pay its dues is stupid and irrational. Furthermore, why should today’s people have to pay for what people 200 years ago did?

It would also be a waste of money if people’s taxpayer funds went into something that wasn’t worth paying. Also, it would mean that people would just be asking for money. History is history and cannot be corrected.

Tina Turner’s life, however, shows how black people, particularly women of her era, can go from nothing to mega-hit. She didn’t ask for sympathy when Ike was beating the living daylights out of her. Tina knew her life wasn’t perfect, but she never let it get her down. Instead, she allowed her talent to do the talking, and in her forties, she became the global icon she was until her death. She was a unique soul that made her a pioneer for what it means to be a woman in music.

Ike attempted to break her spirit by abusing his power as a husband and a man. Tina fought back. She ran for her life with only her name and didn’t allow what happened to defy her. She became an honorary Australian, becoming the face of the NRL in the late eighties.

Tina was a regular visitor to Australia and loved being here amongst the people. One former NRL player spoke with one of the news programs and said that even though he only met Tina once, he knew her as she fit right in with the players. She seemed like a remarkable lady who seemed like a ton of fun. If only Shola were more like her and didn’t give a damn about things that happened so long ago.

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