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REVIEW: Wednesday Is Some Dark, Twisted Fun!

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It's Showtime, Folks! Brightman...

She’s kooky, and she’s spooky, and she has her show on Netflix. Wednesday Addams has become the main protagonist of her self-titled series. Starring Jenna Ortega, the series focuses on Wednesday during her time at Nevermore Academy, a boarding school she attends after she is expelled from her previous high school for sicing Piranhas on bullies who went after her brother, Pugsley.

As of writing this review, we’ve watched two of eight episodes, and it’s fantastic so far. Usually, the first episode sets up the audience’s intrigue. If it doesn’t manage to hold viewers for the first episode, they’ll drop off on the second.

    Nevermore Academy was once attended by Wednesday’s parents, Morticia and Gomez, where they met. Morticia’s former roommate, Larissa Weems, is now the school’s principal and follows her students everywhere to prevent them from getting into trouble.

    What Is Wednesday About?

    When one of Wednesday’s classmates is mauled to death in front of her, she starts asking questions, despite wanting to get away from the school. Instead, she is befriended by Tyler Galpin, the local sheriff’s son. The Sheriff, Donovan Galpin, hate Gomez due to his connection to murders during his time at Nevermore.

    Wednesday’s roommate is Enid, a cheerful werewolf who is a late bloomer with her abilities, as all she can use are her claws. She also creates an enemy out of Bianca, the Queen Bee of Nevermore, and a siren, as well as the ex-girlfriend of Xavier.

    In conclusion, Wednesday is exciting and has a ton of potential.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

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