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Will This Week’s Home And Away Give Us More On Leah’s Disappearance?

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Leah’s disappearance surprised everyone in Summer Bay, but will we learn more this week about why she vanished?

The disappearance of Summer Bay local, Leah Patterson-Baker has stumped everyone, including her partner, Justin Morgan. Spoilers on fan site Back to the Bay seem to hint at what’s to come this week. The promo also seem to hint at an obsessed stalker who wants a life with her. But, what does this have to do with the phone call she received and the blog?

Let’s break down what we know about this week’s episodes.


We start with a photo surfacing that confirms Leah is still alive. us the viewers knew she was, but our characters don’t know that. The only hint to her disappearance that they had was the reactivation of her blog which she shut down.

So what does this photo show? If we had to guess, it might be the one shown in the promo of Leah with a ring on her finger. Whether this is a wedding ring or an engagement ring is yet to be confirmed.


Tuesday’s spoiler seems to pick up where Monday’s left off. If the description is anything to go off of, it would appear that Justin finds out about the photo before the first episode of the week ends or when this new one begins.

It also appears Justin will get upset because the photo gives them more questions than answers regarding the disappearance.


Wednesday’s spoiler doesn’t provide very much Intel other than Justin’s frustrations continue to bubble to the surface.


It appears that the final episode of the week will see Colby join Justin finding out more information about Leah and her disappearance. From what we can gather, there’s going to be dramatic twist. What could this be?

It could be anything like Mick (Luc’s biological father) kidnapping Leah to get at VJ for taking his daughter away. As stated earlier, she might have an obsessed male fan who reactivated her blog and doesn’t like that she’s trying to empower women. Though, what does this have to do with the photo with Leah wearing a ring?


While we can’t find the promo video for what’s to come of Leah’s disappearance, we can describe it.

We see Leah walk into a room wearing in apron. She looks like she trying to hold it together as she goes to kiss some guy on the cheek before she is locked in a bedroom.

This doesn’t exactly tells us much at all, except Justin’s suspicions were correct and someone has her.

Adding To What We Know Already About Leah’s Disappearance: Suspects Edition

We posted about a week ago about what we already knew about Leah’s disappearance. However, Back to the Bay has provided some interesting candidates.

  • Ted Simos – Leah’s ex-fiancée from about 20 years ago
  • Vinnie Patterson – Leah’s late husband
  • Jamie Sharpe – Leah’s stalker and Ricky’s nephew
  • Mick Jennings – Luc’s biological father and Irene’s son
  • Someone associated with Tommy O’Reilly – Someone who supported him when he almost raped Bella
  • A Random Reader of her Blog – BIGGEST likelihood

The staff at Back to the Bay even looked through the blog posts that had been revealed on the show to see if the misspelt words were a code. They weren’t.

On first glance, you miss a detail in the photo that is posted on Leah’s blog with her holding her hand up with the ring on her finger. If you look closer, there’s a hand on her shoulder. This is our first clue that whoever has her is male. He also appears to be well dressed. We think Mick and Vinnie are out of the running there. Did we mention that Vinnie’s dead in our previous post? Pretty sure we did.

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