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Harry And Meghan Think The People Of The World Are Complete Idiots


Thank you all for joining us for another edition of Harry & Meghan: A Netflix whinge fest. So, we’ve already done one article on the “love story” Netflix “docuseries” as we said, we have a lot of stuff to cover, even though we haven’t seen it. We explained in the previous post that we’re not giving them the airtime as we don’t have Netflix, but they can watch it through other means. The vibe we get is that they believe the entire planet is stupid.

Yes, the Sussexes think the world is stupid. We wish we could make it up. How are we supposed to believe Harry and Meghan are the only people in the world to be victims when they pay people to back them up? Also, the docuseries is very Meghan-aligned. The Royal Grift, in part one of her review for episode one, said that there were more allies for Meghan than Harry. As evidence, she included a table of all Meghan’s friends/allies versus what Harry had.

Which Story Is It?

It’s sad. Sad. Harry only had two friends, while Meghan had many friends, her mother, Doria and her niece, Ashleigh. We’ll get to those two in a moment. So, Harry and Meghan have retold how they met… again, and it’s even more ludicrous than before. Harry said they met on Instagram, not on a blind date as previously stated.

However, the only common thread that is being used is that a female friend set them up. It has been speculated that the person who set them up was Markus Anderson, but no. Tom Bower said it was an old female friend of Harry’s who has connections to Meghan’s circle. So we’re inclined to believe Revenge’s version of events. Sorry, but do Meghan and Harry realise what they’re doing? They’ve told their story three times, and it’s been different each time.

It’s a constant with these two. Also, how many times can Harry contradict his childhood? First, he said he had an unhappy childhood where he suffered ‘genetic pain’, and then he had a happy childhood where he would go skiing with her and his cousins. The man cannot deal with the idea that his mother would call the paparazzi and wouldn’t go away when she wanted them to. William has realised that their mother wasn’t a saint. Why can’t he?

More Meg Allies Than Harry Allies

If Meghan’s hoard of allies wasn’t enough to convince people she’s manipulating Harry, we don’t know what will. As Royal Grift pointed out, Meghan had more allies than Harry. She has her Hollywood pals, including Abigail Spencer (a co-star on Suits), Silver Tree (a producer on Suits), Daniel Martin (makeup artist to the stars) and, of course, her mother, Doria. A big surprise was the reappearance of her niece, Ashleigh Hale, the eldest daughter of Samantha Markle.

Why Is The Niece Reappearing Now?

No other family member of Meghan’s attended the 2018 royal wedding outside of Doria. However, according to the docuseries, Ashleigh was supposed to attend the wedding but didn’t because the palace said not to invite anyone associated with Samantha. Do we believe this? No, we don’t.

Why don’t we believe this version of events? Catherine’s uncle attended her and William’s wedding, and he’d done worse things than Samantha. Also, there were more likely to be disruptions at the Waleses’ wedding from family and friends, given William was in direct line to the throne. Harry, at the time of his wedding to Meghan, was sixth-in-line to the throne. He was never all that important. So, what does this have to do with Ashleigh?

It’s laughable that the palace was worried about Samantha’s daughter usurping the event. It would not be surprising if Ashleigh were paid.

Nicky And Nacho

You cannot go without anything Harry related without his buddy Nacho. We have no idea who Nicky is. He went to Eton with Harry. Also, don’t expect to see Tom “Skippy” Inskip in the docuseries, as Meghan had Harry cut him off because he didn’t like her.

The Mock Curtsey

The one part that pissed people off was Meghan’s mock curtsey when she and Harry retold (again) her first meeting with the Queen. There has been a ton of back and forth about whether she was making fun of herself or mocking the Queen and the formality behind meeting her.

Honestly, we think she was mocking the Queen. There is truth to this as Harry does NOT look happy with her. Surprisingly, it was kept in the final product. We know how much of a micro-manager Meghan is. Knowing her, she probably demanded to see the whole thing before it aired, despite saying in her Variety article that it wasn’t how she would’ve wanted it.

Harry Blames Racist Public Views On His Family

Okay, this next lie was an absolute doozy. Harry blames his family for the “racist views of the public.” Pot meet kettle! The only racist royal (outside of Princess Michael of Kent) is Harry himself. It appears that his racist comments to fellow soldiers have been forgotten about. According to MSN, the Duke of Sussex claims that his family “just doesn’t care” about mental health and issues surrounding race.

(Editor’s Note: We made an error with who said the Instagram comment. It was Royal News Network, not The Royal Grift.)

This is Harry deflecting from his issues and his willingness to prove to everyone they were wrong about his wife. However, people are seeing through her act. As Royal News Network mentioned, people are waking up to what Meghan wants the world to see; that her life is Instagram-perfect. She doesn’t want people looking into her past. Moreover, she wants people to see her as an innocent woman who has never done anything wrong. She then gets upset because we’re not seeing what she is seeing.

The whole thing is stupid and childish. Harry has never taken accountability for his actions, and he never will. He can accuse his family of whatever he likes, but his family is not racist, and he knows this. Why would his father hire a black choir to sing at the wedding? If the Queen was racist, why would she agree with the union? Could Harry have blackmailed her and threatened to call her a bigot if she didn’t do what he wanted? Why were there massive crowds in the streets celebrating? A lot doesn’t add up here.

Meghan Calls The Engagement Interview “Staged” And “Rehearsed”

The last part of this post we wanted to cover is Meghan’s claim about the 2017 engagement interview being “staged.” As you can imagine, this did not go down too well, especially with the journalist who conducted the interview, Mishal Husain, as per the Daily Mail.

Like all the other claims Harry and Meghan have made, which is nothing new, they don’t take accountability for anything, which shows their type of people. Throwing the interviewer under the bus shows them as being self-important. We have a bit more to say on this, but it will have to wait until another time.

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