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Who Played Morticia Addams In Wednesday?

Morticia Addams, Wednesday

When it comes to gothic-themed characters, they don’t come more iconic than Morticia Addams, the mother of Wednesday and Pugsley Addams and beloved wife of Gomez Addams. But who plays her in the Netflix hit series, Wednesday?

Look no further than Catherine Zeta-Jones, best known for her role in the Zorro movies alongside Antonio Banderas. Let’s not forget she was in the National Treasure television series around the same time as the debut of Wednesday.

We first meet Morticia Addams in the first episode of Wednesday after Wednesday has gotten in trouble for putting piranha in the school swimming pool as an act of revenge on bullies who have been picking on Pugsley. No one messes with him and gets away with it. Wednesday might not show it, but she loves her brother a great deal and no one is allowed to mess with him except her.

Morticia’s idea is to send Wednesday to her old school, Nevermore Academy. Wednesday’s main fear, despite not showing it, is becoming another version of her mother.

Zeta-Jones appears in 2 episodes as Morticia. These appearances were incredibly impactful to understanding Wednesday’s predicament. Moreover, this includes her ultimate fear of becoming a clone of her mother, as she has the same psychic abilities as Morticia, which is passed down through the women in their family.

Who Plays Young Morticia Addams In Wednesday?

Gwen Jones plays young Morticia Frump (later Addams) and appears in 1 episode in a flashback to Morticia’s years at Nevermore Academy. Gwen Jones is an up-and-coming actress with two known roles to her name.

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