Is Meghan’s 40×40 Actually Working?


Remember that 40×40 Initiative that Meghan Markle was plugging on her birthday? Well, it’s been months, and there has been no progress. So, what’s the deal there?

It seems that it was another bandwagon for the Sugars to jump on, to talk about how kind and compassionate Meghan is. They’re nominating money to a cause that isn’t going to charity. Moreover, it’s a scam, so the Sussexes don’t need to work. Furthermore, they only put in appearances to overshadow the royals. Each time they do this, it backfires, and they receive criticism.

What’s more, the working royals never make a cause about themselves. For example, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, put together a Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey. The event was about thanking people for their hard work and dedication. Everything the Sussexes do is to generate revenue for themselves. The event gala in New York where Harry was presenting awards was filmed for Netflix.

40×40 Gives Meghan A Chance To Gloat About How Rich She Is

Meghan wanted the entire world to see what an honest and honourable person she is after that trainwreck of an Oprah interview in March. However, it didn’t go over the way she thought. Allegedly, she had all this merchandise made to send to influencers and celebrities to wear on social media, but few people did so. So, the money she spent went to waste. Thousands of dollars down the drain.

Also, the video was tacky as Melissa McCarthy was mocking The Queen, and we see that bloody pinky ring that didn’t cause a stir until the Time100 cover came out. We wrote about this in a Chronicles of Harkle post some time ago about the mockery 40×40 was. Actually, we did two.

While Meghan doesn’t mention money, she sits at her makeshift desk with blurry photos of the kids with copies of The Bench and a folder next to her (which belongs to Harry) that says “Archie’s Papa”. It’s just a display of how rich she is. All she does is tease the public with pictures of Archie and Lili. But when photos do drop, it’s the back of their heads. Though, we’ve already seen Archie’s face.

Is 40×40 Successful Or Not?

Neil Sean posted yesterday to his YouTube Channel a video questioning whether the initiative was successful or not as no information had been released. As we’ve mentioned, there has been no public update on the 40×40 project, so there is no telling what is happening. Though, there was a look at who is involved on Archewell:

  • Tracee Ellis Ross
  • Stephen “Steph” Curry and his wife, Ayesha
  • Stacey Abrams
  • Gabrielle Union

There are other people, but the four above are the only ones we know. Not to mention, there is also a list of other celebrities and famous people. Other individuals who are listed, according to Cydney Contreras and Ryan Gajewski of E! Online includes:

  • Adele
  • Amanda Gorman
  • Princess Eugenie
  • Ciara
  • Katie Couric
  • Sarah Paulsen

Moreover, there is a larger list (which we cannot find) that mentions Sofia Carson and Lifetime.

We were also looking for keywords to include in this post, and we were using Google Trends. However, there isn’t enough search information to pull keywords. Furthermore, here’s what the search result looks like:

In conclusion, none of these screenshots were altered in any way. We’ve also included the link to the search above. Given the data above, we’d say that 40×40 wasn’t successful.

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